Turbo vs. Super

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by 03CrazyStang, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. I never said anything about "my turbos look better than yours". Thanks for putting words in my mouth. I simply don't like the way Justin has his turbos set up between his engine and his radiator... that's it. If you want to think I'm a ricer, I don't give a ****. Go ahead. I'm not whining, so whatever. You said something about putting 5500 in a car vs 10000 in a car then you went on to say something about the 10000 turbos look better but are slower. I don't give a **** what your car looks like. I don't care if its gold plated and has quad turbos. I simply stated my opinion about how I didn't like Justin's set up, and if me stating my opinion gets me flamed then oh well.
  2. I would personally love a turbo setup, but it is more complicated than I would like it to be, so SC for me.

    I do agree with AP I wouldn't want a ghetto setup on my car. I want a nice looking daily driver car that HAS some cajones. If I were going for an all out every last HP out of this bitch type of car. Then **** the looks. With that said I haven't seen any pics of Justins setup, but if he is in the 11's with that setup he has, good job! I just want my car to run under 14's, then I'll be happy.