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  1. Hey guys ....I know this question has been asked alot but i have a little different idea this time.......I was thinking about buying a low mileage 2.3 n/a motor and putting it on an engine stand and working on it and clean it up real nice (polishing,porting,powdercoating) and then bolting up an turbo header (e6??) and then a t-3 or t-4 hybrid and big vane meter and turbo computer.....what else would i need besides these things.....i think some forged pistons....but can i still use the n/a block ...would it hold up to the turbo? Any suggestions would be nice....

    P.S. I have thought about just getting an turbomotor ,but wasnt real sure if it would be good quality ...cause most i find are high mileage....so thought building one would be betterin the long run.....!!!

  2. You'd want to open the combustion chamber a little bit because if you ran the na head, the compression would be too high.
  3. Sounds like a plan. I am trying to do something like that, but without all the bells and whistles. It is nickle and diming me to death.
    The NA block is idential except for the pistons and oil tap. You should go to forged dish pistons.
    Don't forget about oil return, oil sending, water return and sending, intake piping, and everything.
    The parts seem to add up real quick, between an E6 header, turbo, injectors, computer, vam, intercooler, and anything else you might want. Certainly a good plan.
  4. Why not do the same thing to a turbo motor? If you are gonna do all the cleaning up and everything then I'm sure you are saying a rebuild is part of the plan...blocks don't go "bad" for the most part so it doesn't matter if it's high mileage or not...it will be fine. Or you can do it your way and cost yourself twice as much :shrug:

  5. thanks alot for all the help guys!..

  6. I agree 100% with Stinger. Rebuild and fix up a turbo motor rather than doing it to an NA.
  7. Turbo block

    go and look into a junk yard and see what you will find in a turbo block I agree with the other that the rebuild will negate the mileage on the block.
  8. buy a turbo block and keep the n/a one

    here is the plan with a back up, find a turbo block, rebuild it and fit it to all that your dreams will allow then swap them out and then you can play with the n/a block polish it port it play all that you like because who knows what can happen when you may need to have a spare engine. that is the plan of action that I am heading into now. when you rebuild the block it will be like new anyways so you might as well go with the turbo high mileage block
  9. damn, back from the DEAD!
  10. a recent thread on TF covered this and some of the all knowing members have looked into the differences and have seen stong evidence stating that the turbo blocks were cast with a harder mix of steel. JDB was also explaining that he had no problems with turbo blocks but have split N/A blocks. I would find a turbo block if possible. I always thought they were the same too but this recent thread on turboford suggests otherwise.

  11. The difference in the block is right, but as others have proven that the n/a block is sufficient for the job. but you willhave to know what you are doing and you have to keep an eye on it. in the long run the turbo block is best as always but if you are not going for the max power and trying to reach 300hp+ then you will be alright with the n/a block.
  12. the spliting only happens on the newer blocks, because they have very thin walls on some of the cylinders. if your using anything older than 88 you shouldn't have any problem.
  13. Sorry but I normaly go for the under dog, but this time I would have to agree with stinger. I was going to use my N/A motor etc, but once I added everything up it came out cheaper and easier to buy a old complete 88'TC and use everything off it. Someone also told me the forged dished pistons that you would need are getting hard to come by especially if the block needs to be bored and over sized psitons is needed.

    P.S I'm using everything off the TC from the rear end to the T-5 etc you could proubly do it cheaper than me if you just do a turbo swap. Now if you do use a N/A don't use a twin plug head it cost more to use it.