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  1. I want to do a power adder on my 01 V6 w/auto but i dont know if i should do a S/C or Turbo. Due to the engine size i would prefer a Turbo over the S/C but i like the instant power of the S/C. Any info on cheap and powerful turbos-S/C's would be helpful. If someone has done either or on their stang just let me know. Any info on the stuff/parts i would need to do would also be helpful.
  2. The turbo, root blowers and the centrifical superchargers have all been added to the V6 in one way or another, but the roots can be the hardest or time consuming as an upper intake would have to be fabricated to get the blower to be mounted and ran but you need an extra 2.5" of clearance because it sits very high, but there are some people who are trying to get the adapter box created for others to buy. A 10 psi single turbo setup has been shown to be more efficient than an 11psi Procharger setup, and both run about the same cost.

    they have alot of information in the archives and through the forums of people who have made their own turbo kits, plus there is http://www.tmaturbo.com who makes turbo kits for the V6 Mustang. It would be about $3,500 for the turbo kit + the fuel upgrades (from http://www.vmptuning.com it would be $115 for a 310lph returnless fuel pump and $250 for 6x 42lb injectors then some money for a good tune, $400 if you got an SCT Tuner just for sake of showing costs) for an altogether cost of about $4,265, or an 11psi Procharger kit from VMP comes with all fuel upgrades and an SCT Tuner with a tune loaded into it for $4,150.

    Or if you want to make your own kit, which can be about $2,000-ish + the fuel upgrades and tune to make it about $2800-ish, 3.8mustang.com has some stuff you can check out and even people who have done it before. Actually, there are alot of stuff of many different setups that all get more power in some form.
  3. If you really want to poor money into this car you need to rethink your goals. Even with a supercharger you'll run high 13's at best. A bone stock 4.6L can keep up with a 3.8L on the juice (75 shot). I would just save up for a v8. And I'm not saying that to be an a$$, because I used to own a 3.8L, and when I drove my 4.6 for the first time, I was AMAZED at the power difference.
  4. I would say the 4.6 is alot faster then the V6 I have one of each in my garage. Your mind seems pretty set on a Turbo or S/C I would suggest a turbo of thats what you want to go with. If your looking for power and having alot of fun and learning about your car change up your cams and port your heads and things like that. depending on what you do you could spend a little more but if you change alot on the enginge and make it a 14 second car and then add a turbo and/or nitros you will be really happy. If you add a turbo you should also change you gears out to a 3.73 and get it with a mikronite finish this will help.
  5. 11psi Procharged V6s throw out alittle over 300rwhp, compared to a GTs 220-ish rwhp. A 7psi turbo put out 297rwhp and 322 rwtq on an automatic V6.
  6. Yea but the bottom end will have to be forged and built for 11psi. You'd spend at least 5 grand for that set up. A supercharged 4.6 at 11 psi would push out at least 400WHP. Any car can be fast with enough cash and time. My point is, the 3.8's will never be insanely fast without boost and a forged engine. Your better off buying a v8...
  7. He's right... in the long run you are going to be better off buying a used GT... but it's your money so do what you want! Just keep in mind the insurance for a GT. :p
  8. 2000 V6 stock bottom end, 17psi, 10.996, these engines handle alot more than you think. a 1995 single port really built up ran 9.851 and he can still drive around town. But most people still get forged bottom end around 12psi. As far as costs, a 1999 GT was $13,000 to a 2002 V6 which was $10,000 and my 2000 was $8,000. $5000 cheaper, which could be spent on a turbo/supercharger setup and be faster. Not to mention I'm 19, the insurance company already loves the fact it's a Mustang, they would be in heaven if it was a GT.
  9. I am sixteen the insurence company loves me to. The V6 can take alot, I have a goal of making it 300rwhp stil be street driviable and no s/c turbo or nos. These engine's aren't week. If you really tried hard I am sure you could get one of these thing over 450rwhp. The engine is so lite that it would just screem down the track.
  10. the 1995 V6 single port started off with like 145bhp, he is sitting at 560rwhp running high 9's. The splitport would probably be alot easier I would think because of the 45 extra hp. Anything could be built, if there is a will, there is a way. Ask some magazine who cut up a guy's car to just a rolling bottom frame, an engine, a seat and a stearing wheel, 1600lb "car" lol.
  11. That would but tons of fun to do but I want to make my street legal and an everyday driver.
  12. please don't post much about engines cause you really don't know what you are talking about.

    the 3.8 does not need a forged bottom end at 11 psi. boost isn't the killer detonation is. i can take a stock 3.8 with 15psi and it will run forever with a good tune, and i can take a 3.8 with forged rods and pistons and completely wreck it naturally aspirated but running lean.

    the 4.6 is a turd. i have one and it would be lucky to hit 14.5 in the 1/4. my 97 3800 firebird pretty much keeps within 1 car of it.

    the 3.8 ford was copied off of the Buick 231 which became the 3.8L GN turbo engine. ford did away with the buick deficiencies and really came up with an awsomely strong engine.

    my 98 3.8 with an 11 psi procharger lasted 40,000 miles on stock 14 lb injectors and no tune. try that with a 5.0 or 4.6. it won't happen. my 98 put down 226rwhp and almost 270 ftlbs of torque with just the procharger,1.8 rollers and dual exhaust. without the procharger it only dyno'd 123rwhp. i'm in the process of a build up right now with 8.5:1 ross pistons,eagle H-beams,ported RPM heads,custom home made EFI spyder intake,42lb injectors,Pro-M univer MAF,RPM cam,Reichardt racing pully to make 18-20psi,water/meth injection that i got off of a buick GN guy for $30

    all in all i should have 450rwhp with only about $5500 invested in go fast parts.

    the 3.8 and 4.2 cranks will hold far more power than a stock 5.0 or 4.6 crank and the 3.8 doesn't suffer from coreshift above 400rwhp like the 5.0 stock block does.

    forst off a supercharged 4.6 won't hold 11psi unless you use forged pistons and aftermarket rods and no it will not make 400rwhp at 11psi. it might make about 340rwhp.the 99+ 3.8 at 11psi makes 300rwhp. the SOHC 4.6 really isn't a great engine. the small bore and long stroke doesn't make it a heavy breather and the heads really don't flow any better than 3.8 heads.

    you say a 3.8 won't be insanely fast without boost and a forged engine. neither will a 4.6 or a 5.0. justin starkey from www.vmptuning.com has an internally stock 3.8 with twin turbo's making 450rwhp at 17psi and running mid to high 10's. try 17psi on a stock 4.6. at 14psi he is at 400rwhp and pump gas.

    matt with his white 4.2L singleport and twin turbo's ran 9.85 on a stock block and crank and 27psi and he has been running that car for quite while. he is making about 700hp at the crank and tom yentzner for supersix is running a 4.2 with stock block and crank with forged rods and pistons with a 150shot in a fox body runnign low 10's.

    here is a link if you care to educate yourself. www.supersixmotorsports.com

    obviously you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to engines and you make the redneck mistake of "don't waste your money on anything if it ain't a V8"

    tell buick V6 owners that it isn't worth it to build a V6.

    building a V6 isn't really that expensive to build and it gives excellent hp/dollar unlike the 4.6

    i didn't even bother to build my 4.6 cause it pretty much is a waste of money to build a 2V 4.6 as it take alot of money to get power out of them. the 3.8 is only slightly more expensive to build than a 5.0 and far less than a 4.6 for the same powerlevels.

    do us a favor and don't post anything technical cause you don't have the knowledge for it:Zip2:
  13. Matt has 560rwhp if I remember right from a 1995 3.8 stroked to 4.2. Justin runs 10.996 with his 17psi twin turbo setup. But don't forget M113 setup the other Matt on 3.8 is building. He ran 22psi on a forged 4.2 and threw in a shot of nitrous for cooling, but the boost took out the head gasket (someone else who is doing an M113 setup on his V6 budgeted $2000 for the parts, blower, fuel upgrades and a new hood, he has kept well under budget so far). Some guy I know with a 5.0 cracked his built block, the actual block, after crossing 16psi. Also, isn't Matt Neuharth's 1995 V6 running 9's still street legal? Last I knew he could drive it anywhere with still good gas milage.
  14. Good to know this forum hasn't changed a bit...
  15. wow im astonished to see so much stupidity about power adders?:nonono: only about 5% of all this info is worth a pot to piss in.

    can you build a v6 and make the same as a 5.0?
    can you do it with a stock motor? short block yes, long block not 100% sure but i could find out.
    facts: 3.8 block stronger than 5.0 block.
    turbo vs sc? if you dont know this your just retarded. <---fact
    there is no belt driven power adder on the planet that can make more torque than a turbo. <--- fact

    side note.
    look for the upcoming pump gas drags you will see a 3.8 v6 in the 9's hes a turbomustangs.com member. if you want to know more go there.:nice: its souly based on power adders and more info than you could ever want.:nice:
    ps this will probably get deleted aswell
  16. my goal is to push 300rwhp out of it before doing a major power adder. I pretty sure im going to get a turbo not only for the pwer but to show ricers mustangs using "thier tech" can whomp the S*** out of them but with a lot more class and the rear wheels spinning.
  17. buy a v8 car dumb****
  18. im19 and insurance would kill me i have a $8 an hour job a**hole.
  19. So true. But the insurance company wouldn't kill you, they would love you...the bill on the other hand...yeah not going there lol. As for getting 300rwhp without the turbo, that's gonna be HARD. With a turbo, 300rwhp is nothing. P&P intake and heads, a good twin ball-bearing turbo setup, a good intercooler, strong fuel upgrades (pump, injectors, fuel rail), a very good cam, 4.2L forged stroker kit, A GOOD tune(and I mean GOOD), and everything all matched to work together after planning it all should net you some high rwhp numbers. But it's all going to cost alot.
    Supersixmotorsports.com has power paks, their stage 3 for the 99+ is $2350 with a $250 refundable core charge, they say it's good for 90 horses, on an auto that would be like 240rwhp IF their numbers are correct. Make it a 4.2L ($1300), then throw in some boost and easily big numbers. But with big numbers you probably will need to beaf up the 4R70W automatic transmission and swap a built 8.8 rear axle in.
  20. by beefing up the tranny u mean a shift kit or new gears? Also the GT has a 8.8 diff in them right so is it that hard to take a Gt diff and convert?