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  1. hey guys, i bought the 1986 svo. ive got a few grand to spend and i am wanting to buy a few aftermarket parts. i already know what intercooler im going to get but what i was wanting to know is; should i get a bigger turbo or leave the stock one on? i know that for a stock turbo its not to bad compared to a mitsubishi turbo. i dont want a full out track car, i just want to be able to take it out to the track, run decent times, drive it around town, and take it back home. also, what kind of fuel system should i set up on this car? and, what else would i need to upgrade when i do all these aftermarket parts? this car also needs a new passenger side fender, are all the fenders in these years inter-changable? like, would a 2.3l cars fender fit mine, or a 5.0's fender? and one more question, what is the advantage to rotating the intake manifold? thanks a lot guys!! :flag:

  2. 1.) The stock turbo is good for 250+hp. Some say 300, but it just about falls off the compressor map by then.

    2.) The stock fuel system is good for maybe 300hp, but it will be about as overextended as the turbo. An adjustable pressure regulator is what I would call the bare minimum.

    3.) Yeah, all '79-89 fenders are all the same. 1990 fenders may be also, but I seem to recall that in the early '90s(I think '91) they were widened slightly to make room for the optional Pony rims.

    4.) Rotating the intake so it faces forward shortens the plumbing needed to mount an FMIC. Not that necessary IMO.

    EDIT: Congrats on the new SVO! Now you just need to get some pictures up.
  3. ok, say i wanted to get 300-350 hp out of this car. what all would i need to do as far as the fuel system goes? what would i need to do with the computer?i would obviously need a new turbo, so what would be the best turbo for what i want without paying a crazy amount? thanks again!! ill have pics soon!!
  4. For a fuel pump, you'll probably want a 255lph high pressure. Might as well start looking at 46lb injectors too, especially if a chip is thrown in.

    For the computer and tuning, you have several good options:

    1.) Moates.net J3 chip, adapter, and burner(~$150)
    2.) EEC Tuner
    3.) TwEECer.
    4.) Dive right into a MegaSquirt(not beginner friendly)

    You'll need a wideband for tuning. An Innovate LC-1 is about $200 from diyautotune.com, but you might save a few bucks looking on ebay.

    On the turbo end, a T3/T04E hybrid with a 50-trim compressor and .63 turbine housing would be a good choice. It will support 200-450hp and can do it at 20-30psi. The high boost will be necessary on a 2.3T with no airflow mods. Some people have *luck* with the $200 Ebay turbos, but I can't recommend them in good conscience. You might look for a used Garrett-based one or get your T3 rebuilt/modified. If you decide to get rid of the T3 or its compressor side, hit me up. I'll take it. :)
  5. is that a direct bolt on? is anything else needed besides the unit? i am asking because my cousin just got one and is in the same boat:nice:
  6. Id say get a decent cam, and a ported head to go with the larger turbo, decent exhaust, and of course a FMIC would be far better than the top mount one on the SVO

  7. For the most part, yes. There are some plumbing changes needed on and around the compressor inlet. I'm not sure how it will work with the stock SVO intercooler, though.
  8. ive been looking into a cat back exhaust for my svo. does anybody know where i can find a direct bolt up borla cat back for it? i love the way it sounds!
  9. Modern Performance is the only one I could find that even lists a cat-back for 2.3Ts, but it didn't say what chassis it was for and none of the pictures would load for me. The prices were also high for not being stainless. Your best bet might be to have a known good exhaust shop weld one up for you. Your car had a y-pipe that split the single exhaust into dual tailpipes. '84-85 SVOs like mine had single all the way back. FYI

    Someone in the past had a muffler shop put a Dynomax muffler and 2.5" tubing under my SVO with a cool little turnout that tucks the tip under the bumper. It is mostly quiet and I would like to keep that, but I foresee a switch to full 3" down the road.
  10. so i should just buy a borla muffler and have a muffler shop make me the pipe? that would work too. it will prolly be a lil bit cheaper also!......maybe?? i have another question. the seats in this car are really torn up! should i replace the stock seats or do you know a site were i can find a nice set of "racing seats"?
  11. I think an good exhaust shop(NOT Midas, Meineke, or other chain store like that) is probably going to be the most practical option. I can't guarantee it will be cheaper or better, but it might be easier. Who knows, someone else might chime in with a bolt-on catback I'm not aware of.

    Are your seats cloth or leather? The stock seats look really good after being redone and are kind of a cross between a racing bucket and a Ford bucket regarding support. If you prefer some aftermarket seats actually worth owning, you may be looking at a cost comparable to having the stock stuff reupholstered. You might try searching the 5.0 tech forums for aftermarket seat topics and pictures.

    I almost forgot....

  12. hahahaha, ok! im workin on pics, i need to get a digital first. the seats are leather:notnice: but if i could find some regular seats then maybe i will do that. i want racing seat, but would that make the car look to "fast and the furious" like?? are the leather seats worth anything if they are messed up? maybe i could trade with somebody who has the regular seats?
  13. The stock seats aren't in real high demand and are only really worth something to SVO owners looking for them. Don't throw them away, though. :nono:

    If you get some aftermarket seats that match the interior, it won't look bad.
  14. im looking into buying the stinger front mount intercooler. how hard is it to install? do i have to do any mods to make it fit? and, i think im going to leave the manifold the way it sits.
  15. go with a ball bearing 50 trim. it spools up awsome and i dynoed my stock block with stock head and did 401 rwhp and 477 rwtq
  17. You aren't going to find a "catback" exhaust for an SVO because all the power is in the "catforward" section...you'll need to replace the entire exhaust with 3" or 3" to dual 2.5 to see the gains. Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords magazine just dyno'd my dual exhaust kit in the latest issue and their mostly stock SVO gained ~40hp to the wheels changing nothing else.

    As for the guy above, the turbo alone did not make it a 400hp engine.
  18. Any reputable turbo supplier can sell one to you. Evergreen, Majestic Turbo(in Dallas, TX, not the other crappy "Majestic"), Precision, Turbonetics, Innovative, etc.

    Before you go diving into a $1000 turbo, first consider the rest of your combination. A T04E-50 isn't going to be that useful unless you have an FMIC and at least some mild induction and fuel system work.

    I noticed you are trying to do a lot of things at once. My suggestion is to pick a direction, lay out a realistic plan, and take it one step at a time. A "couple grand" can get you a mildly modified roadworthy driver or a half-done driveway ornament with a few high dollar parts depending on how it is spent.
  19. ok stinger, so when i go to buy some stuff im going to hit up your site! i think im going to buy the fmic kit, and the exhaust manifold kit(with downpipe and all the other stuff). i would also like to buy the rest of an exhaust system. what would you recommend? i think i want to go with the duals? how much will i be looking at spending for all that? also, im going to want a b.o.v. i noticed you dont have any on your site, do you sell them though?? im really wanting the r.f.l.!!! i love the way they sound on a high psi car!! thanks!!
  20. Sounds like some fine choices. To check pricing, just add it all to the cart. You can see the total without checking out.

    I don't sell BOV's, get one off eBay if you want an RFL.