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  1. my engine is completely stock including the head. im running 1000cc injectors ls-1 coils and changed the stock computer out and put an aem in it. that gave me 403 rwhp and 477 rwt on 31psi of boost
  2. on your stock turbo?
  3. He's the one that was recommending you go out and buy a $1200 ball bearing turbo like he has.....so no, not stock.

    The stock T3 is only really useful up to ~275-300hp.
  4. ohhh ok........yeah, cant afford that one!! i thought 31 psi made more power then that?? i think im just going to do small stuff to this car until the motor goes out. then ill build up a strong motor and prolly upgrade the turbo and everything. has anybody here built a good motor? i want to put in a good set of pistons and rods when i build the motor. and also a crank shaft. right now me and my buddy are building his red top sr20det motor. we just ordered a set of wiesco pistons and eagle rods!! they say with a good crank the motor can hold 32 psi!! guess we will find out!!
  5. The stock 2.3T induction and head is fairly restrictive; that's why it took 31psi to make 400rwhp. In contrast, there is a guy on Turboford.org that made ~575rwhp with a good turbo, head, and intake(and lots of necessary supporting parts). He didn't touch the bottom end, though(stock block, crank, and rods).

    Crower is one of the preferred rods among the 2.3T builders as well as anything but Wiseco for pistons.

    I would recommend not blowing up the SVO's engine if it is the original. They have a partial VIN marked on them and are unique to that individual car.

    This thing is a different animal compared to the aluminum headed 16v Japanese engines it sounds like you're used to.
  6. Get a cheap ranger roller cam, Water/alcohol injection set up, 255 pump, Regulator, t-3/t-4 turbo, Isuzu FMIC, and spray it to keep the intake cool with a 50 shot. This is a cheap way to make some power. I have owned 2 SVO's. 85.5 and 86. Nobody knew what the damn car was though! Is it a volvo or escort? Does it have a body kit? What a bunch of idiots!!!!!!!
  7. Yeah, but with only about 9800 SVOs ever rolled out and only about half accounted for, not many were ever on the road. The last SVO I saw in person other than mine was over a year ago and it belongs to someone over on SVOCA. On top of that, I've seen fewer than five in the last ten years. In contrast, Ford sold over 1,250,000 Mustangs between mid-'64 and '66 alone. I'm almost surprised as many people know what an SVO is as do know.

    But yeah, people who only know it's a Mustang expect it to have a V8 or scoff at it being a turbo 4 and think it should have a 5.0. :rolleyes:
  8. yeah, when i told a few of my friends i was getting a 86 mustang 4 cylinder they was talkin all kinds of crap. but when i told them that it can hang with a V8, that shut em' up!! haha, everybody was still like...."why dont you just get a 5.0 and fix that up?" and i said that im going to LOVE the fact that i can pull up on there V8's in my little 4 cylinder and blow there doors off!! i love this car. im getting my tranny rebuilt now. then performance time!!!
  9. just curious, what is a perfect running, perfect looking svo worth?
  10. Whatever someone will pay.

    Depends on mileage.
    Depends on color. Black is the most common, but Jalepeno Red was a $400 option. Only about 48 Dark Sage SVOs were built.
    Depends on year. '84s are the most common, '85.5s the least common.
    Depends on options(like Comp Prep, bi-wing delete, cloth or leather interior, etc).
    Depends on mods. Rare '80s aftermarket parts are a bonus.
    Depends on history, if any.

    Prices are all over the place, really.
  11. while ive got the tranny out i would like to upgrade the clutch and maybe flywheel? or maybe just the clutch? what is a good clutch that isnt to high priced but still good? im also wanting to buy a short throw shifter, any suggestions on that?
  12. I can't recommend one type of flywheel(steel, aluminum, or iron) over the other not can I suggest a clutch.

    Shifters, on the other hand, are the same for SVOs as they are for the 5.0s. Head on over to the 5.0 Tech forum and search for shifters. I think there is a new thread posted there every week about which short throw is best.

    I personally liked the B&M I had in an '89 GT.
  13. alright, i need a few things and i cant seem to find one of them! i need the side skirt peice thats right in front of the rear tire on both sides. not the whole side skirt just the peice that curves up. are those hard to find? im also needing a new radiator. i kinda want to buy a koyo and buy the aftermarket fans to put on it or something like that, they are a little pricey though. does anybody have any suggestions?? i found an aluminum radiator on ebay for lke $150, and i know a lot of stuff on ebay is "ghetto", but not all of it. and thats al im going to need to get my svo on the streets! did i tell you guys that i only paid $900 for it? the guy that owned it worked at th ford dealership and he had ever since 1988! thanks for the help!! i promise pics will be up soon!
  14. and i also need the corner light on the passenger side
  15. 1.) Those are known as the "spats." They are an uncommon SVO-specific part, so you'll have to shop around to find one.

    2.) You may need to do something non-stock for the hoses and brackets, but a 5.0 radiator will fit in there(same chassis after all). It is a 2-row whereas the stock one is single row. Northern radiators from Summit are good quality and fairly low price, but they are "universal" and not direct-fit. I had a monstrous 19"x31" Northern in an '89 GT I used to have. It barely fit; I would recommend a smaller one.

    3.) The passenger side corner marker is perhaps the highest demand and hardest to find SVO part. I saw a few decent used ones on FleaBait go north of $200. Good luck.
  16. i think the very performance part im going to buy for my car is one of stingers full exhaust systems. which one is the best to go with? i know he has a single exhaust and a dual. is there any more power in one or the other or is it just a what ever you prefer type deal?
  17. It's a preference thing, they both perform the same. Just more weight and more cost with the dual system.

    I have found, personally, that if you run the dual system with some good mufflers it gets rid of a lot of the tractor sound of the 2.3.

    I ran into a guy a couple years ago that had a turbo coupe with an almost identical exhaust to mine (3" single system, no cat, Dynomax ultra-flow muffler and a tailpipe out the back, whereas mine has a 3" downpipe and splits to 2 1/2" duals with hooker maximum flow mufflers [same as ultraflow] and goes out the back). Mine sounded a lot "smoother" than his, I thought.
  18. me personally, i like the dual look on a mustang. it looks kinda funny with a single exhaust. i listened to your exhaust clip! that sounds very good! i hope my svo sounds that good with a dual exhaust on it! thanks man!!
  19. I have the extreme opposite of duals. Whoever had the exhaust work done got a turndown tucked up under the bumper. It's not loud and there's not much of a tailpipe showing.


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  20. i like that look also! cant wait until i get stuff for mine! the bad thing is, is that my dad told me not to get this svo.......but i did it anyways:nono: .....he doesnt know about it! but its only because hes a chevy guy and me buying a ford would be totally agianst his religion. all the car needed was anew radiator, 2nd gear and a little TLC on the body! first the guy wanted $2000 for it......somehow i got it for $900:shrug: im not complaining though. i have to tell him sooner or later that i bough the car? maybe after i do some performance mods to it and show him that its not a piece of crap, he might let me take it to his shop and give it a good spray. i think i want to keep the original color of the car. its a dark gray color. i kinda want to keep the stuff thats hard to change back stock, incase i want to sell it in the future. i figure it would be worth more that way? anyways.....hopefully i will get some good pics this weekend!!:spot: