turbocoupe Rear end swap Questions

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  1. Alright i cleaned up my Newly aquired TC rear end today and it looks pretty good. I have some questions about some braking issues though. After de_rusting the rear i found that the hard lines on the rear are a tad bit suspect so i think i am just going to replace them to avoid any future failures. I figure its eaiser to change them while the rear is out of the car. Anyway Should i get Mustang Lines? Or Turbo coupe lines to replace them? I hear there is a mismatch problem with how the mustang soft line attaches to the Turbocoupe hardlines on the rear end... Would putting 93 cobra/svo hardlines on the 8.8 solve this problem? i figure the stock drum lines wont work but what about SN95 GT lines??? Also how much trouble am i gonna have getting these brakes Biased correctly since i just have the Crappy stock brakes upfront? I know i will need a Prop valve but has anyone found any other ways that makes it a little eaiser? Also with the Parking brake cables, I need SVO cables right? and do i need the whole thing or just up the the equalizer? Would sn95 GT cables (8.8 with discs) work for this? I wanna find out as much as i can so i have all the parts i need before i attempt to hook all this up.

  2. Here is what have found if some one else knows other wise please speak up,

    I dont know what t bird lines look like but im putting an svo rear in my stang and it is not a beautiful swap. the lines are in different places because of exhaust and such. svo lines have the flexable line on the top of the pumpkin and a little to the driver side.

    the main problem your going to have assuming rear your putting in is disc, you are going to have to change master cyl. you should have a 3 port and you will have to change to a 2 port. after that you will have to get an adjustable proportional valve.

    Hope this helps

  3. Ok, i did some looking and it looks like i would be best replacing the hardlines with Turbocoupe Hardlines. Then the only line i have to match up is the body to rear soft line. Then gut the Prop valve and install the rotory prop valve. Anybody see any potential problems with this approach? I am using Brantley's, Stingers, and a couple other sites for reference. Stinger.. did you use the mustang Soft line, or the turbocoupe softline to connect from the chassis to the rear?

  4. What master cylinder are you planning on using?

  5. since i still have stock front brakes.. the stock MC, but only until i upgrade the fronts.

  6. so what ever happened with the swap...what did you do?
  7. You realize this is a 4+ year old thread, right?

    I don't know how often dr. elusive still comes around here.
  8. lol yes i know its very old its just funny he never followed up with what he did
  9. Holy Old Thread Batman!!
    I am still around, What I did was I got Married. The TC rear is still sitting on cinderblocks in the back of the garage, and I haven't done a thing. I wanted to do all the control arms in the process so until I can afford the control arms (and get my wife's approval) I will probably just run the stock rear. I probably only put about 2k miles on it all last year..

    I didn't realize i had been putting this off for 4 years.. Yow!

  10. You better get to it Robin!!