Turboford/mustang meet Aug 7th in Kansas

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  1. Hey all,
    Some of us are going to have a turboford/mustang meet in Lawrence KS on Saturday Aug 7th. We plan to cook some hamburgers and hotdogs, and talk about everything turboford. I am thinking 6PM at Clinton lake, on the east side of the dam and the south side of the outlet stream (I will provide more info later).
    Anyone can come, but it would be nice if you could drop me a line so I know about how much food we'll need. We may take donations to help offset the cost of the food... dunno yet.
    So far, I know that Stinger, Cougar, 351Wcoupe, and myself will be there.
  2. mustanggrn(amanda) is coming with me.
    So who's bringing the jetskis?
  3. Glad it is the 7th that you will be there and not passing through here Matt That is the only day I wont be able to help you out with a plcae to crash.

    Amanda better get me pics of everone and their cars since I cant make it.
  4. absolutely, but I can't garuantee they will be as clear as your 5meg (each) pictures
  5. LOL something is better than nothing.
  6. 351coupe, you bringing the green coupe?
  7. :shrug: Why you don't think it will make it?

  8. clinton lake? What town is that located near?
  9. hey rich how far is mammoth cave from you?
  10. Clinton lake is just west of Lawrence, in douglas county of course. :rlaugh:
    Actaully, Lawrence is just off I70 (this interstate goes through St. Louis too). Lawrence is about 60 miles into Kansas after you get through Missouri. You can PM or email me for better directions and my phone number.

    For everyone, I finnally got around and made a map. The red is the path you will likely travel.
    From lawrence, you take 23rd street (very major street) all the way west which puts you just out of town. You end up at a fork in the road, and turn left. Then, you take the next left (this turn is just before you get on the damn). Then, you curve around some curvy roads, and take the second left. You will end up on a short road with several shelters and pic-nic tables which we can use. I don't know if it is possible for me to reserve these yet.
  11. my atlas shows Clinton Lake and Clinton right where you said. Its funny it didn't list it in the index.
  12. We can all drive into lawrence together and burn the city down to preserve slavery, just like the old days!
  13. can't...the pitch forks are at the shop..:nonono:
  14. consider it done :flag:
  15. Ford makes pitchforks?
  16. Hey is there a track open close by on saturday the 6th???? I will have withdraws if I don't go to a track. Plus I've never broken in a different state before.
  17. I don't see any 1/4's available the entire weekend. I guess they are hosting pro racing.
  18. wish i could ahve some thing like this in the NewEngland area but theres like not TFer"s around here, just like me and Goland
  19. supposedly it only takes two to tango.