Turboford/mustang meet Aug 7th in Kansas

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  1. how about 1/8th miles?:shrug:
  2. I don't know of any 1/8ths
  3. ok then its done we'll set up our own race.
  4. There's one in Manhattan i think
  5. It's called a 2 lane road.
  6. There are 8 of them in 1 mile.
  7. may be in your area, but around here(mountains) its turns into autocross after the first 1/8. :D .....HELLO SVO!!!
  8. There are plenty of flat straight roads around here...

    I'm gonna look at SRCA dragstrips schedule and see if the track will be open while you are here...that's probably about the time I'll have the svo ready to go again.
  9. does that mean the svo will be out and running at the track?
    Its ok I'll come a day or so before the track day. There hasn't been anything yet that me and amanda couldn't do to the green car in 1 full day. :D
  10. Does that include, well...
  11. Hmm I was wondering about the useage of all that extra room in there. HMMMMMMM.
  12. speaking of which I think you used just one too many M's in it that time.
  13. bump, last reminder
    6pm at clinton lake
  14. I'll be there if we get my car finished in time. My dad decided to take a nap instead of going to get my brake lines while I got the front tires mounted and balanced, so we're about an hour and a half behind. Here's our list of stuff left to do:

    driver's side spindle
    quad shock mounting
    panhard bar mounting
    rear and front brake lines
    mount front brakes
    pick up wheels from Goodyear
    mount front wheels
    drive to lawrence

    :bang: :bang:

    I'm trying to hurry.
  15. Too bad we missed you... but we will probably try to get together for an autocross after the school thing gets going again. :)
  16. Hey man, sorry I couldn't make it. We were still working on my car up until 630 hoping to finish, but we still need to get the brake lines on and the e-brake hooked up, as well as getting my front wheels back. Without my wheels it was pretty much obvious we weren't gonna make it, but I wanted to get as close to done as possible. I am so pissed off right now. I went to 3 different places to find someone who could mount low-profile tires, and finally Goodyear said they could, but for $20 per wheel!!! :mad: I know that's expensive, but they said they could get it done by 430 so I agreed. Unfortunately, the prick working the front counter (I'm calling him a prick not out of frustration, but because he had a bad attitude and really was a prick) didn't call me when they were done. We went down there a little after 5 and they were closed. I could see my wheels sitting in the garage, tires mounted and ready to go. So not only did I pay way too much to get them done on time, but I didn't get them on time and have to go down there tomorrow and drop $40! :notnice: I'm going to throw a freaking fit if they try to charge me full price, seeing as how they never called to let me know my wheels were done and I didn't get them on time. I am so not happy right now. Words cannot describe how I feel about that jerk at the counter.

    Hopefully both the Cobra and my car will be running in a few days, so maybe we can have another meet soon. Autocrossing sounds great; it'd be fun to see the handling difference my new setup will make. See you guys later.

  17. They charged you more? That's gay. Wal-mart mounted my 45 series tires in about 15 minutes as i waited for no extra cost.