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  1. OK, I have a 98 v6 :nonono: and i want to Turbo or super charge it. 1) Is a turbo or a supercharger better, why? 2) What kinds of modifications do i make to make to put one on?? 3. which is least expensive? Which brand do you think is the best for each? :cheers:

    Thanks, Matt

    P.S. I have a new injector setup already
  2. Sell your mustang and buy a civic.

    You cannot ever look into FI with the "Which one is cheapest" mindset.

    Seriously, don't you want some neons or something?
  3. The cheapest, most effective mod would be a "For Sale" sign.. then take the money and get a V8. I'm not trying to be a smart-a**. I have a '98 V6, so I know, they are dogs. I have said on here many times before, hardly a day goes by when I don't wish I had a V8. The days I don't wish that, are the days I don't drive anywhere. Yeah, you could spend a couple grand on a supercharger, and maybe equal a stock V8, except now you are stressing your engine and tranny a lot more than they were designed for. That's why I decided not to mastercard-modify my engine with a blower. I'm just gonna run this weak V6 to get me through college, then get my V8.
  4. Yeah, I DO have to go to college nex year... kinda in the same situation :shrug: ... And NOOOOO Why in the hell would i wnat a dam civic for... Jesus you have to be kidding me, neon ricers... :nonono:
    Hey pputkowski I have a wise slogan for you and all the import freaks : Racing a Civic is like the special olymipics, even IF you win, your still retarded. :p

    No jk jk jk. I mean i respect imports, Great power to weight ratio agressive timing, lots of mods, obnoxious fart cannons to annoy the neighbors.... but there not for me.

    UNLESS we are talking about the Stealth/3000GT which is totally sweet. They go for the more powerfull/beefey thing a lil' too thought. What do you guys think of them^ i was thinking about selling mine and getting an - awd tt stealth. Found a 92 in the paper in my price range, so i was just wondering.

  5. dont just jump into a blower or turbo setup just yet start out with other mods to build up your motor ( bolt ons maybe even an h/c/i package) then look into turbo or s/c. start off w/ exhaust intake udp chip gears tloc shifter(if its stick) shift kit (if your auto)
  6. You dont want a 3000GT / Stealth R/T. Those things are so damn heavy. If you want a turbo import thats easy to work on, buy an older turbo Nissan 300ZX.

    But for the Mustang, I'd say a supercharger. It'd be a bit easier to mount and better because of the RWD. Turbos are better for FWD cars because of the turbo lag. It allows us to get a bit of traction before the boost kicks in. RWD cars are great for the instant boost from a supercharger.
  7. supercharger is better for street apps imo. no lag. pro charger makes a great kit, that's whats going on my car, with a fully built motor
  8. This show's me how ignorant you are...ever seen a v6 mustang run 10second quarter miles? Niether have I...but i've seen quite a few local privately owned civics do it. A turbo civic is serious business...oh, and as far as ur "special olympics" comment, welcome to the internet.

    Fart cans....hrmm, once again you cease to impress me with your "knowledge". Anyone who goes to a muffler shop with a civic and says, "I want a [insert gay ricer term here] exhaust." doesn't know **** about cars, or modding them. Damn, sounds like someone I know... :nice: Do you realize that most new fords/gms are made in canada or mexico? And almost all toyotas are made in USA.

    From ford's website:

    "Ford Motor Company has manufacturing facilities located in 25 countries on six continents. Manufacturing employment is about 80% of the approximately 328,000 people employed at Ford."

    You think your Ford tranny is crap, just wait until you try to drive a mitsubishi. They are the cheapest, worst built, and ugliest of all j-cars on the road. A few hard launches in the thing (which I hear you mustang owners love to do) and BOOM, new tranny time. They are also extremely heavy (sluggish handling and slowness.)

    Edit: Listen to Integraholic, he knows what he is talking about...
  9. So, who else agrees with the civic comment??? I'm going to be honest here, i am not a big fan of imports, Only because there are alot of "***s " that drive em. - i use that word loosly- Anyway everwhere you go you see civics with a fart can on it reving its engin at every light, like there the $hit for having a exhaust. I didnt mean to offend anyone. Special olyimpics comment was just for fun. Serriously, what would it take for a civic to take a gt ( specify between 94-98 and 99+)?
  10. It would take a decent manifold, a t3 or t3/t4 turbo, wastegate, downpipe, full exhaust, and intercooler. Then you would need all of the misc flanges and gaskets and piping. This would all run you between $800-$1500 depending on how nice of a turbo, wastegate, and intercooler that you want. You would run about 8-9 psi and you would be able to smoke 94-98's and 99+ automatics, 5 speeds would be about even.
  11. sooo....your sayin that for say 1500 bucks +the car, i can "smoke" a 94-98 GT??? Sounds like a load of $H lT to me. THere is no way...
  12. 1. There are several 10-second V6 Mustangs.... one of which has an interior and a STOCK LONGBLOCK 3.8....

    2. Turbo > Supercharger, when both are built for the same purpose. Obviously a S/C kit will be better on the street than a T76 turbo for street driving... but a properly sized turbo will lay waste to similarly-purposed S/C... Less parasitic loss = more power... properly sized turbo = virtually no lag in street apps. Like Integraholic said, however, S/C is easiest, probably cheaper, and will still be good for the street.

    3. You're not going to be able to do a worthwhile turbo for $1500... unless you know someone who can design the piping, weld it, and do ALL the other work... and you'd still be close. You need fuel, tuning, turbo, piping, IC, etc... it's not cheap.... but it's the way to go if you want to go all out.
  13. I did it with a cold air intake.
  14. Have you ever ridden in a turbocharged honda? It's extremely suprising. 94-98 GT's aren't that fast to begin with, I don't see why you are finding this hard to believe, especially given your limited amount of automobile knowledge. I have a friend with a 97 GT convertible with a ford racing intake manifold and another with an 02 RSX-S with CAI, Apexera Catback, and big-ass heavy 18" wheels. The RSX will walk the mustang every time, this is with about 175 hp to the wheels. If you don't believe me, ask 03v6 on these forums.

    Mkay, but how much did it cost to get these cars to this point? A ****load more than it would cost to do a civic. Both of the civics that I know locally (this is in GA too, small towns) have complete interiors plus rollcage and I also know someone with a street legal 11 second gsr with a completely stock body and interior. I am guessing with around $5k plus the cost of the car you could have an 11 second integra or swapped civic (ls swap, less than $700) with complete interior. There is no damn way you can have an 11 second v-6 mustang for that price.



    Now I do realize that this is a ****ty kit but it will get the job done. For a little while anyways. For that price, you could sell the pos knockoff turbo that it came with and upgrade to a true garret t3 and still be way under $1500. As long as you stay under 10psi of boost you can run the stock fuel. I would advise against it but people do it every day without problems. So for around $1500, you have about 200 hp in a car that doesn't way anything. If I were going to build up my car I would do it the right way with very nice components but that was not the point. The point is it can be done very cheaply with success.
  15. Dude, lay down the crack pipe.....to get a civic or integra into the 11's takes way more coin than it does to get any mustang into them....I know I own one...take your head out of your ass. I know of a bunch of rsx type s' here and any V8 stang will WALK IT....dream on bud theres now way your puttin out that kind of power in a honda for 1500 bucks.....
    as I said before, I owned a Integra, I know.
  16. Well, obviously it's going to be cheaper overall when you can buy a civic for like $7.... but the guy w/ the 10-second STOCK LONGBLOCK V6 built the turbo kit himself, and all he has is the turbos, fuel, and drag springs... and he's in the 10's. Of course the CAR wasn't as cheap as a 10-year-old hatch, but he has said he could do it to someone else's car for $5k-$6k, maybe better... so that's the same. Oh, and if I was going for a fast car for as little money as possible, I'd buy a Fox, not a civic. A magazine article highlighted one that went 9's for $5k TOTAL investment.... So, not only can they be made fast for cheap... but they also aren't a civic... which is important.

  17. -About the rsx thing, someone either lied to you, or sucks balls at driving.

    -Where did "$5-$6k" come from. pputkowski was talkin $2500 at the most.

    -Not a Civic, which is important??? Okay, what the hell does that mean? Are you implying that a Civic will not last as long as the Fox? Or cheaper? and the $5k thing, you sure that is "total investment?" or that plus the car?

    -Im just wondering, I really don't want into this "arguement."
  18. 99-04 GT >>>> Type-S, not even close, but the RSX would give a earlier manuals a run for their money and walk a lot of the auto's... obviously it's no match for the Cobra's.

    Yeah, but he said that his friend went 11's for $5k in his car amd that no V6 could do that, so I said that someone spent the same amount... maybe less... and is running 10's.

    That means, I would rather own a 10-second Fox than 746 10-second Civics. Obviously, that's just my opinion, but it was a joke anyway. You really need to settle down.

    Oh, and the $5k Fox was TOTAL investment, as in TOTAL.
  19. don't listen to all the garbage above my post.

    it takes alot of money to take any honda into the 11's

    just a procharged 94-98 v6 stang with 42's,maf,SCT chip,15psi pully,ported heads and intake and cam with 1.8 rockers will get you almost 300rwhp for about $6500 invested

    a twin turbo kit from http://www.tmaturbo.com/ will get you what ever power level you need for about $7500 invested.

    the 3.8 ford is a great design being copied from the buick 231 which was evolved into the Grand National. it will handle power without alot of expensive block mods.

    Justin at www.vmptuning.com runs 17 psi with his twin turbo setup on an internally stock 3.8 and makes well over 400rwhp with it. imagine what 17 psi on a cammed ported headed 3.8 would make.

    go the turbo route. the 3.8 will handle it and will give far more hp/dollar than just about any car out there

    go over to www.3.8mustang.com or www.v6power.net many there will guide you in the right direction

    check out these sites


    here are some clips
    1st one is 2 v6 stangs in the 10's
    super six's 4.3 nitroused green fox body and matts white TT

    and justin starkeys 11 sec internally stock tt 3.8. internally stock means very little money invested


    and his 10.9 run

  20. Umm... I think pputkowski said 97, I'm really not sure though.