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  1. obviously you are ignorant too. there are a few v6 stangs in the 10 sec range all with production blocks and cranks and ported factory heads.

    the ford 3.8 is a beast of a block being copied from the buick but without the buick downfalls.

    i have built both and can say the ford is better than the stage 1 buick by far.

    the stage 1 buick has been in the 8 sec range. it won't be long before the ford gets there

    almost all toyotas are made in the US because toyota pays no taxes on profits to the us from its US plants. ford and GM being US companies have to pay taxes to the US govt from their US plants. it is cheaper for them to move to another country to avoid taxes like toyota enjoys. that is the only reason not because of quality
  2. Yea Cobra232 is right because i know plenty of V6 Mustangs in the 10 second range. And as far as our transmissions being crap thats just some crap because if i remember correctly the T-5 is one of the best Transmissions to take a huge beating. And my motor and tranny have seen 11 years worth of hard launches and still run smooth :flag:
  3. with my setup im shootin for 12.5 or better...im starting the build up over this winter hopfully
  4. I have a big wiener.
  5. win. :lol:

    MY internet kack is 12 inches loooong.

    Cobra232, How far can we take a 3.8l before we need to upgrade the transmission?
  6. 550rwhp and go to a built C4 or a built tremec. my vote is C4 for easier launches
  7. Well, BOTTOM LINE - i aint' getting no god damned civic :nono: , or an integra ( no offense ment integraholic). I think i am just going to get a 94 5.0 . How many miles do your cars have? my 98 v6 onlt has 36K and has been babied. I not sure about this one tho. It has 70K, i think im still aight tho, right??? Any problems wiht your cars wiht that amount of miles??? thanks.
  8. You guys are all missing the point. I'm not talking about the possibility of building a turbo mustang by yourself, to keep the price low. I was talking about buying a turbo kit for the civic for that price (Full turbo civic kit for the same price as a homemade mustang turbo kit). If you built it yourself it could be under $400. Anyone wanna argue with that price?

    Cobra***whatever your name is, you said there are a few v6 mustangs in the 10 sec range all with production blocks and cranks and ported factory heads. There are a few turbo civics in my area, not globally.

    Kojack, "I know of a bunch of rsx type s' here and any V8 stang will WALK IT....dream on bud theres now way your puttin out that kind of power in a honda for 1500 bucks.....as I said before, I owned a Integra, I know."

    What the **** are you trying to say?

    Ok, obviously you know a couple of RSX type S's...and you claim that any v8 mustang will walk them. Have you ever actually seen them race? Have they ever raced? Just because the mustang feels faster (torque) doesn't mean that it actually is. Most people will ride in an RSX and go, "whoopdie friggin do". Then when they actually see it race it's a whole diff. story. Ok, you owned an inegra...but i'm guessing it was stock. Maybe a pos intake and fart can (obx, apc, etc.) Was it turbocharged? No? Then shut the **** up.

    All of the people who are sucking the fox's dick, we are not talking about fox stangs...gtfo.

    Integraholic, [​IMG]
  9. I will. Do you actually think you could have a turbo kit worth talking about for $400 bucks? Maybe if you went to a junkyard and just bought the turbo parts off of an old turbo Caravan or something you could get them for that much, but what are you going to make the piping out of? Aluminum Foil? How bout injectors? Maybe a big funnel full of gas? There are SO many parts you need for a turbo setup... you would be hard pressed to get a quality turbo for $400, let alone injectors, fuel pump, chip/tune/tuner, gaskets, intercooler, piping, turbo header(s)... and the list goes on. Sure you could buy a crappy turbo, no IC, homemade piping, and run 4psi to avoid the NECESSITY of fuel and tune, but you're still going to have trouble staying under $400 once it's installed, and you will have ~17 more hp than when you started on a civic.

    Who cares how many there are? That has nothing to do with the fact that a V6 Mustang can be made fast also and it doesn't cost much more, if any...

    Guess what, smart guy?... we weren't talking about CIVIC's either until you brought them up.


    FOX >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CIVIC
  10. I still have a big wiener.

  11. Actually yes I have seen them race....2 different type s, at our local street car shootout. and both got owned by stangs. who were stock. maybe a k&n or something like that but the rsx's had H/I/E as well.....so, yes I have seen this....I don't post ****. my integra almost beat one of them....and I never had vtec...had him for 3/4 of a 1/4 mile he just got me by 1/2 a car length at the end. they are NOT FAST......

    as a matter of fact, it never had any POS parts on it.

    had all comptech parts on it,

    intake / header/ exhuast / safc

    and more...so there goes that theory.

    and shut the **** up right back at ya buttmunch! :nice:
  12. Word of warning, dont bypass the language filter. 77 acts like he hasn't had any metamucil for 2 weeks when he sees language filter bypassing.
  13. opps, actually I did'nt try that i iwll change it.....thanks.
  14. all i'm reading is blah blah blah...
  15. Listen up guys, a sixer is PERFECT.
    Buy the stroker kit and put a turbo on it. Make sure the stroker kit is one with some beefed up internals.
    Go on www.turbomustangs.com/forums
    750+ six mustang.
    And his insurance is probably about the same per year.
    I sure would take THAT over what i got now.
  16. thats why im building a "saleen" v6 s/c'ed. cheap insurance, still fast, still looks awsome.

    and elanor v6 from the new 05 v6 next year or the year after when they come down in price for used ones.
  17. Okay.... are WRX's fast?


    There is an informative video. And the RSX-S pputkowski and i are talking about has those same performance mods.
  18. yes wrx's are fast....I never said anything about them....but what i will say about them is they are POS. I had a subaru legacy gt, 2001 model...it was the biggest tin can I ever owned. pure crap. owned it for 9 months then ditch the ****can. bought it brand new and in 9 months racked up 7000 dollars in "warranty" work....so much for a warranty. but, anyways, they are junk. fast junk.
  19. I like the idea of tt my mustang :) - something to really set mine off from the other billion stangs out there. What kind of internals would i need? Thanks matt