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  1. Well, Justin w/ the 10-second TT V6 has stock internals @ 500+whp and ~17psi, but the general concensus is that you probably can't go much over ~11 safely w/o new internals being a good idea.
  2. That doesent include new injectors/ fuel pump ect does it. those cant be stock... anyway how much do ya think it would cost for me to turbo my stang? :shrug:

    :stick: ha hahaha ha
  3. The best place for custom V6 Mustang Turbo's is tmaperformance.com or something.

    Just google "TMA, Performance, Turbo, V6, Mustang" and you'll find it. Plenty of people have gotten kits from him and all have been satisfied as far as I know.

  4. So even though a rsx "paced" that wrx, rsx's still aren't fast?