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Mar 31, 2005
Mt. Prospect, IL
Hey guys,

Trying to build a badass garage at our new house and running up short on money because of all these bull##### permits and stuff. I've also always wanted a LSx powered mustang so this will provide me an opportunity to do that one day.

I'm selling my complete motor and turbo setup from my '95 mustang. Its gained a lot of popularity on corral.net, here is the link to the build thread: HP Performance turbo + 347 - Corral.net : Ford Mustang Forums

All the info is there, I've not nothing to hide. I've got a lot of money tied up in this setup and it has been worth every penny. The car is still 100% functional right now and I would prefer to fire it up for the buyer before I pull it so they know what they are getting. Unfortunately, a test drive isn't going to happen because this car will not see salty, winter roads.

I'm pretty sure all the specs can be found in the link above, but heres a quick run through:

DSS "XR" 347

(straight off the DSS invoice)
331XR XR: 331 cid short block balanced to racing tolerances and blueprinted,
forged DSS Pro-XR Series custom pistons, assembled in a Dart Iron
Eagle 4-bolt main block with an O-ringed deck.

SPECS: Dart Iron Eagle 4-bolt main block - O-ringed deck, deck
equalized and squared, deck plate bored and honed in CV616 with sub
10 micron filtered man-845 honing oil. RODS: 4340 forged 5.315"
H-beams w/ ARP bolts & full floating pins, CRANK: 4340 forged 3.25"
stroke, PISTONS: forged Pro-XR custom, RINGS: file fit, ductile iron,
plasma-moly R-10472, ROD BEARINGS: severe duty tri-metal
7160CH, MAIN BEARINGS: severe duty tri-metal 129M, CAM
BEARINGS: tri-metal 32210041

Ductile iron, plasma-moly rings 1.5/1.5/3.0mm - 4.125" bore (std
tension oil ring)

Upgrade XR engine to 4.125" bore pistons and rings when using Dart
Iron Eagle block.

Engine is 347 cid with 4.125" bore and 3.25" stroke.
8.8-9.0 compression, AFR 205 w/ 60cc chamber

**Delete O-ring from block**

Customer-supplied custom camshaft

9 Position SBF double roller timing chain

M-6500-R302 Ford Racing hydraulic roller lifters
35-1001 Lifter retaining hardware 302-351W
2 C5515-040 Cometic 4.155" bore non-SVO .040" thick MLS head gasket
208 28oz SFI SBF balancer
150-2501 ARP balancer bolt 289-460 except 351C
100-2801 ARP flywheel bolts 7/16" x 1.00" 6pcs (manual trans)
K15-620 Canton 7qt 9" Deep Sump 289-302 Fox Body Pan/Dipstick/pick-up
ODBF1000 DSS Universal Bolt-On Power-Adder Oil-Return Fitting (3/8" NPT)
**Use RTV Black on the part itself. Blue Loctite on 1/4"-20 threads.**
OP1000 DSS 302 std volume oil pump kit
Includes pump w/ adjustable pressure, heavy duty oil pump and
pickup fasteners, and an ARP heavy duty oil pump driveshaft.
51400800 Trick Flow billet oil fill kit for valve covers 24.95 24.95T
DSS 5/16" .080" wall 4130 seamless pushrods

Whew! That was only the shortblock! The total for that list above was $8500.

Custom FTI cam by Ed Curtis


AFR 205cc heads with comp valve springs spec'd by Ed Curtis
Scorpion 1.6 roller rockers
Edelbrock Performer RPMII intake, minor port/polish job
Edelbrock 94/95 elbow minor port/polish
Edelbrock 70mm TB
Trickflow valve covers w/ remote breather system
Custom alternator bracket
Ford racing hi volume water pump
Siemens 60lb/hr injectors
Aermotive rails and boost reference regulator
MSD pro billet distributor
NGK V power plugs, taylor wires with heat jackets
McLeod Twin disc clutch (1200hp capable, yet still streetable)

HP performance stage 2 turbo kit, 66mm holset turbo, modified exhaust crossover with stainless flex joint, all piping VHT flameproof primed, painted black, satin cleared, then wrapped with DEI header wrap
Hallman boost controller
VS racing turbo blanket
Custom y-pipe to exhaust
more info here: 1979-1995 mustang turbo system

The car has all functioning accessories besides the smog system, thats been long gone and runs a shorter belt. The A/C functions great and I made custom a/c lines that route to the driver's side to get away from the turbo and clean things up. All brackets and front drive accessories are included.
I'm sure I'm missing some stuff from the list that I can add later. Realistically, I've got about $20k tied up here. I have every receipt for this car in a folder, I'm just scared to total them up and see what I actually have into it all. :eeek:


There are the numbers, back a few years ago it made 614hp/657tq to the tire through a TKO 600 and a ford 9". Please keep in mind I still had issues on the dyno that I addressed and have done more mods since then (porting/polishing intake). The biggest change since the dyno was the better ignition system. The NGK plugs and taylor wires made a big difference from the stuff I was running on the dyno. Also I currently use a MSD digital 6 which is a noticeable step up from the 6AL that it was tuned with. I'm confident it would go lay down 650hp/700tq no problem right now.

I sat down and designed this motor with Tom @ DSS back in 2007 and he told me the motor could handle 1000hp all day long under the right conditions. The CR is 8.8:1.

The wastegate has a 10 lb spring in it and the hallman mbc can take it up from there. I typically ran 10-12 psi all the time. The dyno runs were with about 15 psi and a mix of 93 and 100 pump gas. When I take it to the drag strip, I run 12-15 psi with a 93/100 octane mix. I basically just fill the tank with 100, but its not an empty tank so its a mix. The SCT flip chip has a street tune, and a race tune that doesn't pull timing as IATs increase. Only use the race tune when you are at a track running 100 octane and give the motor time to cool down.

Every car has some issues:

1. The drivers side valve cover fitting for the remote breather system just started to leak oil. I'd probably recommend modifying these valve covers with new fittings or using different valve covers with your own preferred breather setup.

2. I've been getting a coolant seepage running down the bellhousing. Pressure tested fine, but I've been hesitant to put dye in it because dye is such a mess. I'm pretty sure is either a water pump or timing cover gasket seepage. You can read up on the forums and find this alot, the coolant runs down the head/block mating surface to the back of the motor and down the bellhousing.

The motor has about 1500 street miles on it and about 8-10 passes at the track. Two track days at the road course neither were a full day due to alternator problems.

$12,500 for the complete turn-key setup. PM me with offers for specific parts and I may part it out instead. Keep in mind the turn-key setup includes the harness, custom aluminum radiator, all belt driven accessories, poly motor mounts, etc.

I'd also consider LSX trades, but it would have to be a pretty stout setup similar to what I have now.






Here are current pics taken an hour ago. My apologies for the dust, dirt, and corrosion on the engine. The car has been sitting for a while in storage and I haven't cleaned it up in a while.







PM me if you have any special picture requests and I can take them for you.
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Mar 31, 2005
Mt. Prospect, IL
Just fired up the car after sitting for a while and took it to the detail shop to have it cleaned up. Moved it to a climate controlled storage facility in preparation for building my new garage. Car fired right up and drove amazing. Temp wasn't even 40* outside and the car ran flawlessly without a hiccup! Thanks again to Bob Kurgan for the awesome tune! Planning on pulling the motor in the next week or two, so lets get some offers rolling in here...

$12,500 for the complete setup

$7,000 for the long block

$4,800 for the short block

You can PM me with questions, or e-mail me for a faster response at [email protected]. If you are serious about a purchase, I will give you my phone # to talk to you and answer all your questions.

Thanks for looking!
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