Turn Signal Flasher Question

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by FordManiac, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,
    So here's the scoop, my girlfriend has a 95 5.0 mustang. Just recent her turn signals have been acting up. When you turn the multi functional switch on either left or right for blinkers, the blinkers will come on and do the clicking and flashing however after a certain period of time they will just stop and shut off while the switch is still in the on position.
    I have read threads on this and have found that it could be a defective switch, or a bad turn signal relay which is located behind the dash near the radio. Has anyone else had this issue or can confirm if it is one of those issues stayed above? Thanks!
  2. I'd suspect your turn signal flasher first (since it's the cheapest and easiest to replace). The 94-95 don't have a solid-state electronic-controlled "turn signal relay" as do the 96-2004's. They have an actual flasher, though it's square-shaped and not the old fashioned round style. It's located right behind the under-dash fuse box, near the round part of the cover, clipped onto a metal tab.

    If that doesn't fix the problem then yes you might need a new multi-function switch. That's not so much fun.

    Other wiring problems (grounds, socket conditions) might be a factor. No way to confirm it's definitely one of those problems but I think you're on the right track.
  3. How could I test the flasher to see of that is the problem? I'm hoping it is not the switch or maybe a bad wiring error.
  4. You'd have to hook up a couple of bulbs in series and a power-source & ground to the correct terminals of the flasher (which those are exactly you'd have to figure out) to see if it flashes properly. People usually just replace it with a known good one or a new one honestly. About $16 so probably easier than spending a lot of time putting together a test harness.
  5. Yeah lets go with just replacing it haha. Sounds a lot easier. Plus gets one thing off the check list if it is not the issue, right? Haha. So the flasher near the under dash fuse box, correct?
  6. Yeah that's the way i see it too. I hate to replace a part not being 100% certain it's bad, but if it doesn't do the trick at least you've got a spare for the glove-box and you'll feel better about the next replacement. It's right behind that under-dash fuse box.

    This is a pretty good picture.
  7. Alright cool, thank you for the help and the picture. I will let you know what happens and if that solves the issue!