Turn signal keep blowing fuses...HELP!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Stangtamer, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. i drive a 91 gt and the fuse with the backup lights, rear defog, and turn signals keeps blowing :bang: ...considering that i don't use defog too much and the backup lights are on a minimal time im thinking that the turn signal switch is faulty...i checked the wiring and the wires and connections look alright...is it possible that my switch is pulling too much current? is there anything else i should check? :shrug:
  2. ?

    no ones had this problem before? anyone?
  3. When you reinstall a new fuse, if it doesnt blow immediately:

    Put the car in Reverse. Does it blow?

    If good, turn on the defogge. Does it blow now?

    If still good, turn on the TS and see if it blows.

    That's how I'd narrow it down. Dont omit something like backup lights because the wires are known to short out and it only takes a second for an overload to occur.

    Good luck.
  4. ok

    good thoughts...when i was driving it would last for a while then blow...it blew when the turn signal was on...i heard the fuse pop...thats why i narrowed it down to turn signals...can the fuse still blow while those things are not on?
  5. The fuse could blow from other components that aren't in use, but it's not likely that the draw would randomly spike (as you use the TS's). I agree with your thoughts that the issue likely lies in the TS circuit. No new bulbs or flashers lately? Does the flasher duration seem like it always did? A short could make the flasher work quicker than normal.

    I'd try to narrow down a side (left or right). See if the issue is there with Hazard lights. If not, see the power feed side to the MF switch for a chafed wire, etc.

    I just woke up so that's as good as I got for now. I'm sure others can help you more.

    Good luck
  6. My turn signals are doing the same thing. It blows the fuse the second I turn the ignition switch on. Any ideas? Only thing in can think of is the back up lights had to be spiced and lengthend for my T56 swap a few years ago. If those wires were shorted together would it blow the fuse immediatley? Thanks for any help!
  7. If the back-up light wires shorted together, your back-up lights would just be on non-stop (if they bridged in such a way to circumvent the switch). Now if the feed to the switch melted to the exhaust or something like that, you'd have a winner.

    Otherwise, try disconnected the feed to given circuits and reinstall the proper fuse. Reconnect the power feeds (to your back-up light switch, then your TS, etc) until the fuse blows. This is your problem circuit.

    Good luck.