Electrical turn signal wiring?

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  1. Recently bought my 1965 and the guy said he had to put a new turn signal switch in a couple of weeks ago. However, he wired it incorrectly. When you click the signal switch down (as if to turn left), The front left and rear right signals flash. And vice versa the other way. It is clear the rear wires are crossed. Does anyone have a wiring diagram, or know which color wires under the dash are for the rear turn signals?
  2. The '65 Wiring diagram shows the rear lights have the black wires in common, then one side gets orange-blue and the other side gets green-orange.
  3. [​IMG]1) is a yellow wire
    2) is a green[​IMG] wire with a red stripe
    3) is a green wire
    4) is a white wire with a blue stripe
    5) is a green wire with a white stripe
    6) is a blue wire with a yellow stripe