Turn signals do not cancel automatically.


Jan 29, 2019
After removing the steering wheel in my son's 95 Cobra, the turn signals have stopped canceling after straightening the wheel. Well, I should stipulate that they do auto-cancel about 10-15% of the time. Anyone else have this problem? The switch works fine otherwise, but could it still be bad, loose, or...?
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Jan 4, 1985
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You could try removing and reinstalling the combination switch but if it were me, I wouldn't do it without having a new one on-hand to replace it with in the case that it self-destructs when you pull it.

It's probably toast anyway but there's a chance it's just binding up after putting the wheel back in.


Jan 29, 2019
Thanks for the response. I think I might have over-tightened the steering wheel, if that's possible? It was moving slightly, up and down (still does, a little), so I tightened the crap out of that T50 bolt.


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Aug 8, 2003
I'm not aware of how the 95 wheel goes on.
Is it splined?
Your description makes it sound like you pulled the wheel, put it back on in a different spot to straighten it.
Where's in most situations I would believe that type of adjustment needs to be made at the rack and shaft.

I've also had on another ford vehicle a little knub break off the arm. Couldn't tell what the issue what until I had a second one in hand.

Regardless, I would think you could remove the stalk and manually trigger the cancel.

I doubt you could over tighten it. The movement is probably in the shaft, not the wheel.


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May 31, 2019
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95 Mustang has 2 flats on the shaft, the wheel will only go on one of two ways. I think what he meant by straightening the wheel, is after a turn.
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