Turn signals, hazards, and brake lights not working..

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  1. I was driving my '99 Mustang GT and suddenly my turn signals stopped working, checked my hazards and they didn't work. Tried to see a reflection of brake lights on the concrete walls as looked in the side mirror and notice my brake lights weren't working either (it was night-time). When I got home I double-checked the brake lights and just the third brake light that was on the trunk was functioning correctly. The instrument bezel turn signal indicators didn't function as well.

    I was reading another thread about this, I'm going to try changing the flasher ASAP, and I'd like to know where under the hood the fuse is located - also if you could please tell me what # it is. I'm really hoping that my turn signal switch didn't go out. I hated changing that thing in my '66 Mustang, I'm sure it's going to be worse in this thing due to the Air bag system. Any advice would be greatful!

  2. start with the multifunction switch.

    thats the switch on the steering column that controls the wipers,blinkers and headlight flash to pass-high beam and your hazards.

    ALL of your lights are wired thru the multifunction switch and it's a COMMON problem on many fords. several times i have also seen then pins pull out of the connectors on the multifunction switch connectors itself.

    i would bet a hundred bucks your problem is either the multi switch or the wiring to it.

    please remember to post back with more info after you test the switch.

    and be sure to post back when the car is fixed. tech topics are only useful to others if the solution is posted.
  3. Okay, thanks! I will go test it with a multimeter. How difficult is it to change on of those out? And I'll surely let you know the resolution when it arises.

    Edit: How much does one cost to replace, and can I get it from a local auto parts store like Advance or Autozone?
  4. i would get the switch from a ford dealer. i don't think autozone sells those.



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  5. also here are the test outs for the multi switch


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  6. Thanks for the diagrams, kinda hard to read though - if you have any in higher resolution - can you e-mail them to me?

    I can't find my toolset, so I'm waiting for a ride to get here to go to sears to buy some sockets to get that medal plate off. I assume I'm searching the right area, just below the steering wheel, for the multifunction switch. I removed the cover w/ a crescent wrench, and got to remove the metal plate now, but I don't have any sockets or extensions. so it may be a bit before I post the response on the switch. Ford wants $79+tax for a new one...
  7. no it's not under the metal plate area. it's directly on the column. it's the switch you operate the wipers from. all you do is

    1. get a small pick and with the key in the ign.in the on pos. stick the pick thru the hole in the steering column housing. you will see what hole it is the other ones have screws in them. insert the pick in and pull the ign out ( it might take you a minute to get it right, when you do the whole lock cyl will pop out. the spot your tiring to hit is a little tab on the lock cyl housing)

    then remove the 3 Phillips head screws in the column housing cover and you will see the switch. it's held in by 2 t-15 torx screws
  8. Is there any way you can send me an e-mail with higher resolution format for those photo's I cannot read the one with the testing information. Is the one in the photo B the multifunction switch? Excuse my ignorance with this, I'm not savvy with these electronics...

    I can't read the photo - But do I test this with the car in the 'on' position?

    BTW: thanks for the info about the Ignition switch, took me a min to get it out - ended up using an ink pen - checked after I got the switch out and it was barelhy enough for the tip of that pen to stick through that hole to press on that pin.

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  9. Turn signal flasher

    Where is the turn signal flasher located? I checked the brake/stop fuse and flasher fuse on the fusebox panel and those were okay. I'm out of time for today unless I try to get a flasher switch and replace it and give that a try tonight - other then that I'll have to test that multifunction switch and then buy a new one if need be on Thursday...
  10. I have the same issues,but my brakes work. My cruise control and hazard/turn signal doesnt work. It kept blowing fuses, and now doesnt do anything.
  11. ok the multifuntion switch is A in that pic. you can save the pics i posted to your computer by right clicking on them. then you can blow them up with whatever you use to veiw them. I will email you the pics too. ok.


    I cannot email you. you have that turned off. only a admin can access your email. so if you pm me your email addy i will email it to you.
  12. Can you tell me where the flasher switch is located? I bought a new one just to replace for the heck of it. But I can't find the thing! I was reading a previous threat and it stated the '99-'04 were located under the dash... I crawled underneath with my nifty flashlight and couldn't find it anywhere.... sure it's not in the engine compartment fuse box?
  13. the book says it's behind the dash. i have never seen one go bad so i have never replaced one.

    if i was you i would not install it untill you test the multiswitch. the flasher has nothing to do with the brake lights at all and you have those inop too.

    the only way i can see the flasher cauing a problem like this is IF

    both stop lamps burned out and then the flasher went bad.
  14. ***PROBLEM SOLVED***

    I'm glad I didn't take you up on that bet, but if you ever come into town I'll buy you lunch.
    I checked the right indicator wiring - wire 44 = 12V, 5 & 2 wires = 0V. (guess that meant it was a closed circuit)

    went to check the left indicator, 44 = 12V, 3 = 0V, proceed to check next one of 9 = 0V , thats when the left blinker started working. So, you were right, it was the wiring to the multifunction switch. I'm going to go back out there after dinner and use my volt-ohm-meter and push in every connection on that switch with the tip of the pin, tighten her back up and put it all back together. Thanks a bunch for sharing your knowledge! Too bad I had stuff to do earlier, this woulda been finished a long time ago. :D
  15. if you see a green 01 gt in front of your house thats me looking for my free lunch :lol:

    glad i could help.
  16. **** I now have the exact same issues. Brake lights are now not working either along with signal, hazards, nor cruise.
  17. Well, I fixed the turn signals, brakes lights but the Hazards don't work. If I press the button On/Off about 6-10 times then they will flash once or twice like they were on but then die. I checked the wiring for the Hazards and it tests just fine like the other wires do. I tried making sure it has a good connection by pushing and wiggling the wire and still no resolve. I'm probably going to end up buying the switch today from Ford at a loss of $80 and hopefully that takes care of the Hazards.

    Anyone know of an easy way to get the connector off the switch?

    blackfang, I would start by checking with a testlight or volt-ohm-meter the circuits and seeing if they are working before you change your switch. I had a loose wire in there that was noticed when I shoved the pin of the meter into the connector for each wire, and it's possible you may have one too that is causing them not to work.
  18. it's a common problem for the pins to pull out of the connectors in the column. but you still need the mulitswitch to fix the hazards. keep us posted
  19. The Conclusion

    Okay - got it all figured out... 'bout time!

    Took the connector off and checked it out, turns out two of the prongs to hold in the wires have broken off resulting in why my blinkers, and hazards didn't work. Went to Ford, bout the $7.50 connector and installed and everything works perfectly. Put the covers on and I'm finished!

    Price = $7.00

    I bought a $151.00 tool set which I needed anyhow for my EFI conversion and a $20 hat from Ford, all in all it was only a $7 job.

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  20. I've been wanting a Ford Racing hat for quite some time now... couldn't pass this one up!

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