Turn Signals Intermittant

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  1. Question for you guys: I recently purchased a '99 Cobra, and the turn signals have started to become intermittant. Oddly enough, when the car is cold, they work fine. But after 20 minutes or so of driving, they stop working. Aggravating to say the least. Where should I start looking? I saw some old threads about the Multi-function switch. Could it be a loose wire to that switch? Does that switch go bad? But why would they work some times? Do the turn signals have their own fuse? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  2. You may have a bad ground or lose wire to the multi-function switch. It could be a fouled connection to where you may have to inspect the 3 plugs going into the switch to make sure you have a clean connection or partially melted connection. If they are coming on when cold then the fuse is most likely good. Make sure you have good grounds, chasis to engine and battery. Check the switch and clean it up and reconnect if no visual evidence of melting or broken wire or connection. Then let us know what you found out.
  3. stangr5oh - I took apart the steering column and multifunction switch. There was a broken snap tab that holds the connector to the stalk body, there was one pulled out wire, and a few of the little plastic snap tabs that hold the pins in were broke. Also, the torx screws that hold the stalk to the column were loose. So, I bought the part at a Ford dealership ($45). He gave me the wholesale price. Then removed the pigtail wires that came with it, and reinstalled everything. So far, so good. I'll have to see if they stay on after a longer drive, when the car warms up. Thanks for the help!
  4. Sounds good. It should be ok from here on out.
  5. Well, on the way to the Woodward cruise in Michigan on Sat, the turn signals decided to stop working again. I replaced the connector, but now I'm wondering if the whole stalk thing needs replacement. Are these a typical issue? Everything else looked okay when it was apart. I'll check the grounds like suggested. Thanks!
  6. Yes the multi-function switch is a problem child to say the least. A new one is pretty cheap though.
  7. Stangr5oh, would the best place to buy the multifunction switch be the dealership? Thanks!
  8. Yes, and like I said, they are relatively cheap and it will ensure OEM. But before you do that, make sure you reinspect your work previously and make sure the connections did not come loose or maybe a new fault happened within the switch. Just ease your mind before you buy new.