Turndowns or tips?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by MontrealFive0, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Hey guys,
    I was just curious to know if turndowns seriously affect your car in any way. I'm thinking about doing it next summer for two reasons
    1. I cant afford new mufflers AND bigger exhaust tips ( there stock) so i figure i'll end them after the mufflers.
    2. It would look pretty cool imho. If your car is parked, you could say it's a v6 with badging. No ones the wiser.

    What do you guys think about turndowns?
  2. I didn't like the look of my stock tips and still don't like tips at all. I don't even have turndowns, no piping from the mufflers on mine. I vote turndowns.
  3. I had turndowns didnt like em. I missed the look of tips in the back makes the car look meaner IMO, especially if you have big ol' 3 1/2 in. tips like I do. You will get sick of the drone with downs also :notnice:
  4. is there any performance benifit to no tailpipes?
  5. They weigh less! :rlaugh:
  6. I would vote for new mufflers with stock tailpipes. I think the stockers look OK if you just polish em up. I personally don't like the extra drone with turndowns, either.
  7. Turndowns will be much louder, but also will give you a drone. Put on new mufflers, clamp on turndowns and see if you like'em. Keep the stock pipes and you can put them back on if you don't like the turndowns.
  8. For the love of god, put tips on the car. On a Mustang, it looks like whoever installed your exhaust forgot to put the tips on. Plus, dumped mufflers are very loud and can get very annoying.

  9. Is the drone that annoying? I ride in my buddy's Fox body and it seems NICE to me??? He doesn't complain. I figured our body style would be better insulated and quieter in the car???

    I bought the Mac Chrome Tips and they are rusting on the bottom. I clean them constantly... I'm not dropping that much into another set in a few years.

    I agree with the trying it... don't even spend the money on the turndowns. Put the new mufflers on and see what it sounds like for a few days. If it's annoying put tails on... if not, put turn downs in - should "help" a bit.
  10. the sound with open muffs, versus tails, and even turndowns, all sound different, i think the loudest will be open muffs but sounds funy at idle. Turndowns sound quiter but deeper, and tails carrie the same sound as open muffs but quiter.


  11. get turndowns that clamp on but put them at a 90 degree angle so that all that sound spills on th esidewalk making it unbearable to onlookers which is what i want. Also it looses some drone from not bouncing off the pavement and car constantly.
  12. Open mufflers sound great to me and I don't really notice the drone. It only happens around 1500RPM-lower and I try not to granny around town at that RPM.
  13. bolt on the mufflers drive on for a few weeks, then decide if you wanna go back to get the tips on. general welds are 10 bucks aa piece at weldng shops.

    or you can just get flanges on the tips/ muffler so you can go on and off.
  14. thanks guys,
    as soon as the snow clears i think i'll give it a shot with the turndows and see if i like em. Hey dirty, i like your idea of pointing them towards the sidewalks ( Exhaust so loud it will blow womens clothes off)
    I just find that with small tips REALLY stand out against nice wide tires in the back. I only have 245' 55's in the back, not that big but they leave a fairly wide tread. The small tips hut the looks tho.
    Didnt the 95 cobra r have turndowns?
  15. I just got new bassani mufflers with dumps and it sounds good. There is a drone right above idle that sometimes get a little annoying but at WOT it sounds great. And with the dumps everything rattled in my car. I had to get everything bolted or super glued back down.