1. So I'm thinking about putting turndowns on my mustang, but I was wondering how loud it would get with my car being straight piped with just flowmaster's?

  2. I have turndowns, hooker aerochamber mufflers, and an o/r h-pipe. It had a HARD vibration RIGHT above idle, louder than when i had no mufflers or cats with turndowns. So it might just be the mufflers. But turndowns always make things louder. But they give a litlte more cab noise, and sometimes fumes get into the cab at stoplights. Neither one of those things bother me at all.
  3. You'll definitely get a lot more resonance inside the cockpit with turndowns... It's nice to be able to hear your car though, with tailpipes everyone behind you hears it, but all you hear is DRONEEE. haha
  4. me and the guy down the road basically have the same set up on my 93 and his 89 but he has o/r h flows and tails , i have o/r x flows and turndowns and he was like what the hell whys your car so much louder then mine...turndowns rock!!!!!!
  5. my magnaflow catback's tailpipes rattle and has actually started wearing down at the axle tubing on my rear end. my car is lowered but still....im thinking of running turndowns to eliminate this all together. what do u guys think? or maybe sideexhaust would be a better alternative...sucks too kuz the upr x pipe scrapes since it hangs so low to the ground....somthings always gotta hit
  6. sidepipes are gay get turndowns
  7. H pipe..no cats..........40 series dumped. = resonation...........bad....

    BUT.....many a compliment on how evil it sounds........:shrug:

    Your choice....I can handle the drone because it's not a DD......
  8. I wish I could have my side pipes back. They wqere the ****.
  9. I hate my turndowns. The vibration and drone suck, not to mention it kicks dust and **** up all over the back of my car.

    My advice is to get tailpipes.
  10. Turndowns are gay no matter how loud they make the car.

    Our body cars should have fatty chrome pipes sticking out of the back. Why would you want to hide that? Chrome, beer and women are all you need in life. Mustang(s) also.

    How deaf do you want to go if you need more noise in the car?
  11. Thanks guys, I think I'll stick with my exhaut for right now and not get turndowns.
  12. turndowns...i had then on my 92 gt before i sold it and now on my 95.... both 2-1/2" o/r xpipe with flows turned down....i love it....sometimes i like to drive and just listen to my car...no music, the rumble of my car is enough for me....:nice:
  13. i got turndowns on my 93 gt i think its perfect because of the rear bumper...on our 94 up i love chrome tails though...but it looks perfectly matched w/ big chrome wheels...oh so sexy!!!!
  14. The only thing that really turns me off from turndown's is the fact that my car is a DD and I do sit in traffic. I don't want the car fulling up with carbon every time I stop. But will see about maybe putting some on:nice:
  15. i never really noticed the smell i have mine kinda pointed down and out it sounds great but it throws dusts at the rear wheels but it dont bother me im a freak about cleaning the 93 all the time... i enjoy it
  16. I never really noticed anything. Even when I didnt have cats OR mufflers. I have mufflers now, and still dont notice anything.
  17. I would save the turndown idea for a camaro or some other car where u cannot have true dual exhaust. our undercarriage is configured so that we can, so i say stick with the tails!
  18. You'll like them. They're fun for awhile. Real deep and loud. I have them, and like them.

    If you get tired of them, just put some tails back on.
  19. Just my opinion but I like the straight line of the back without the pipes..........that's the reason I went with dumps.............had no idea about the sound.................but I like it.........................
    PS...you have to install a amp and sub after that.......................:rlaugh:

    and + 1 on turning the radio off and just listening to the car...
  20. I guess I could always just clamp on some turndowns and then if I don't like em I can just get my pipes welded back on.:nice: Will see what happens when i get some money built up in my bank account, maybe I'll just try it one saturday.

    +2 on turning off radio and listening to exhaust:hail2: