1. Dumps really mellowed out my car. Its loud at start and idle when in close spaces but rest of the time its way quieter then my 02. Both have slp LM on them.
  2. I still considering the Warlock mufflers so I can unplug them. They are pretty cheap. :shrug: Really depends on how this new engine sounds when I get it in the car. LOL
  3. I think warlocks would be sick on about any V8 car, to bad I already have new flowmasters.:D
  4. Yeah, I really like my Magnaflows... but they are starting to rust through on the front. After the new engine starts up, we'll see if I'll want it louder or not. If so, my neighbors are going to LOVE me in our Townhouses. HAHAHAHA
  5. I can't run tailpipes on my Cobra cause I have the Griggs Racing suspension on my car, so the turndowns keep me happy.

    And whenever any of you guys decide you want a set of warlocks already welded up and ready to bolt on your car, let me know.