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  1. Yeah I know my way around photobucket pretty good, I already have one in the works. I took my car added the neon effects in maroon, With the trash lettering for username, and a simple text listing info on the car. Just need to resize it when i get home tonight. This forums make my work days go alittle faster, but being on government comps theres alot of stuff blocked I can't access. And a quick question whats the dimensions on yours cause looking at it you didn't use no where near the 650 i would think, and it looks porportioned prettty good
  2. :lol:

  3. i just scaled my first one down to fit within the limits, i believe its 283x125 pixels. I use photoshop to make sigs, I use to make a bunch of them for people on the prelude forum i was on. if you or anyone else wants a sig made i don't mind just shoot me a picture of your choosing in a PM.
  4. Thanks for the offer, I got one set up. The reason I was having trouble with mine is I was trying to do the neons and all that funky stuff with the picture but it kept giving me remote file to big. So I was figuring maybe this forum doesn't support that type of signature that I used to use on different forums. Until I get sometime to actually get a real nice one I just threw this one together real fast.
  5. welcome that is a good looking mustang ,I am new to the site also so nobody knows yet but I HATE HONDA CARS WITH A PASSION because I am sick of seeing them,I am sick of hearing them and I am sick of everybody who drves them because most of them drive like idiots that is my .02 worth.
  6. could be i have had trouble in the past with certain filters messing up it up. if your using photoshop did you try flattening the layers if there is more then one for space? either way the one you threw together is quite classy. i dig
  7. welcome to the site as well. and im sure most people here agree with you, although i dont:) i still love my honda although it gives me a lot of crap:) a prelude is much more rare honda which is why i was a fan of it. i like having things most people do not, which is why the mustang is a shocking buy for most people i know since i hate how many people have them down to everyone's mom. but then i grew up and realized that there is a reason everyone has mustangs. because its a good car and i will have a lot better luck with it i hope. to each his own though and once again thanks for checking in on the welcome wagon:)