Turtle Wax Ice

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  1. Has anyone used this product yet? It looks like it would be easy to use and also would not leave white residue on orange peel in the paint.
  2. i didn't like it. I had a black truck and it said it wouldn't streak bu it did and it took forever to rub the streaks off on the hood. I ended up having to wax it again that day. I really like meguires gold class or the nxt tech wax.
  3. my buddy has a blue malibu and he swears by it though.he said the ice went on and off easy for him.
  4. I used to use Zymol. I like the Meguiars Gold Class liquid wax. That is what I have been using. I just thought that the Turtle Wax Ice seemed like it might work well since my car has some orange peel in the paint. I'll probably just stick with Meguiars Gold Class for now. Has anyone else had good results with TW Ice?
  5. Personally,I havn't tried TW Ice.And I won't.I hear mixed opinions of this stuff.But many,not so good.Consumer Reports even gave it a bad rating.It obviously must not be all that good.

    Over countless years I have tried dozens of waxes,polishes and compounds.Just because something has a high $$ tag doesn't always mean it will be a good product.For a long while I liked using Meguires Gold Class Wax.I liked a lot of Megs stuff actually.But over time I've come to realize that GC has some big flaws.The wax doesn't last more than a couple weeks down here in Florida.After 2 weeks,the paint no longer retains its beading from the wax,even after washing.Nor does this wax do much to protect the paint from getting environmental debris stuck to it.Things such as bird crap,tree sap,road contaminates..insects stuck to the front bumper etc.It does an allright job in the first few days;but after that,no good.Another issue with GC is that it acts like a very light rubbing compound.It may clean up the paint surface well,but in doing so it is removing a very slight amount of paint.So if you wax with this stuff often,you are eroding your paint.If the paint is rather weak,then this is not a good idea to use it.I used it on my mom's Camaro 10 years ago.A couple weeks after doing so,the clear coat on the hood started turning white in many places..along with the roof and hatch area.

    Meguires NXT seems much better over GC.It seems to last longer than GC and doesn't erode the paint....like GC can.Best use is in paste form.Work very well when multiple coats are applied.Even makes removing insects and road debris much easier.Has better UV protection IMO and still showed gloss and beaded up after 1 month in the hot Florida sun.Consumer Reports didn't have much to say about this one.It wasn't rated good or bad.The only negative they gave it was that it didn't have a drastic effect on paint shine/gloss.

    If your looking for seriously pro results,you wont get it from store brand products.Things like Zaino with multi step systems are what enthusiasts use.It's rather costly but according to almost everyone here on
    SN that used Zainos system,it works wonders.It must be ordered online tho.And no,I havn't tried it yet so I can't give an honest opinion.Don't confuse this stuff with Zymol.Totally different company,totally different products.Zymols store sold wax isn't the best.I have tried it and it doesn't seem to last long.It also leaves residue.That's probably what you used recently since you did mention it.

    There was another new product I seen in Advanced Auto Parts on my last trip there.A product called "Insulator Wax".It was rather expensive ($15 - $20 I think).I opened a container,took a small smudge of it and wiped it off on the bottle of Megs Ultimate Compound I bought.Before I left,I took that small smudge and wiped it off and onto a small spot on my trunk.Didn't notice a whole lot of difference.And as of today (that was a month or so ago) the spot has done wore off. ....shrugs

    Many products will leave residue in orange peel areas if not buffed out properly.It can be difficult.Itcan be worse depending on just how bad the orange peel is.If the orange peel is really rough like a highly textured paint roller does with latex paint on a wall,then I would probably smooth that out a little.Even NXT can leave a little residue if small amounts get stuck in pores and crevices.Not as visible as many others tho.If you rub it in,and buff out well with a fluffy microfiber towel,you should have no residue.It's decent wax.
  6. I use Ice on both cars, and love it. I was skeptical at first, as I have always stayed away from Turtle Wax products because I perceived them to be inferior. I have used their liquid clay bar which is really more of a pre wax cleaner. I like the polish which is really a sealant with no abrasive qualities whatsoever. It's kind of like rubbing baby oil on your car. I do one panel at a time. If you don't let it dry too long it buffs off easily. It leaves no residue at all. That is the main reason I decided to use it. It doesn't leave white build up in all the little chips on the front bumper. It is also the best thing I have found to use on the black plastic pieces. It makes them look great and lasts without running or streaking in the rain like back to black. I even use it on my bullitt wheels. It gives the whole car a nice consistant shine. A little bit goes a long way, a bottle will last forever. The Ice detailer works great too.

    Now with that said you have to realize this is a product designed to save time, money and effort. It does a great job for what it is. It is not going to correct imperfections in paint, or give you the same quality finish as more expensive products used with a porter cable.
  7. Well...since there are a few comments on here of people that have not used any products..I will give some input on products that I HAVE used..

    I had the whole Zaino setup...sold it...it was fine..but not the best..

    Had all the Meguiar's stuff...ok...but not as good as Zaino..

    Reason I sold the Zaino stuff...Turtle Wax Ultra Gloss. I know it isn't the Ice...but hte Ultra Gloss was Superior to Zaino for the overall picture...hands down..

    I would put about 5 coats on before a car show...results:

  8. Man that turtle wax ultra gloss is a great over the counter product.Cheap too.
    I have megs gc,nxt , m82,151,105 blah blah and a few others.

    The turtle wax ultra gloss looks great and imo noticeable.
    I have the paste, it is a bit thick/heavy so take it easy. :flag:
  9. I felt it actually protects better than Zaino...with the Turtle wax...when you start getting a little dust on your car...you can just take it off with a duster...whereas Zaino seemed to lose the shine after doing that...
  10. I'll have to check the Turtle Wax ultra gloss out.I am more than skeptical about TW products.Thought they may just leave an average looking finish with minimal shine.Another important factor you have to look at here,paint color.Some of these products may work very well on darker colors.But what about very light colors or even Ford ZR Ultra White....whitest of all known whites.So white it attracts insects like a light bulb.It's difficult to notice a difference in some of these products.One may work well on a light colored finish but doesn't do a dark color much justice....and vice versa.

    Turtle Wax Ice almost sounds like this old ass product that came out over 12 years ago..called Durashine.It was made by the company that designed Duralube.Both products..total crap.I will look into both the Ultra gloss and Ice products.

    Giving opinions on waxes/polishes is simply that....opinions.What I think may be superior...someone else may call garbage....................................................................................It's all personal opinion.
  11. I got the xmas gift pack from target, it had the car wash, liquid wax, detailer, interior cleaner, glass cleaner and applicators. The glass cleaner works like all other glass cleaner, no streaks. The car wash works well. The liquid wax works great works great on all surfaces. Used it on black plastic pieces and black painted (flat non gloss) and it really looked great. The interior stuff works great on all interior surfaces. It really brought life back to my leather seats. The color in them looks alot better in my opinion. I have tried alot of differnt products in the pased and never really like the turtle wax products. I bought this set because it was cheap and I wanted to try it. The detailer is awsome (I actually keep it in the car at all times). Easy products to use and no white gunk in hard to get to areas. I really would like to trry their clay bar now.
  12. Just tried the Ice polsih yesterday for the first time. I am pleased with the results. Maybe not as good as a paste wax in overall shine but man was it easy to apply and wipe off. Plus, I didn't have to worry about getting on the plastic parts - you can apply it directly to plastic and it wipes right off.
  13. So, you liked it well enough to use it again? It didn't leave any weird residue on your paint?
  14. Yeah I would use it again. Did not notice any residue.
  15. I use the TW ICE right after every paste wax. I wax the car by hand throughly with paste wax, then i remove the paste wax buff the car throughly again by hand with three different micro fiber cloths for each side/end of the car. then i apply ICE a panel at a time, buffing it once again by hand throughly.

    Note: i wash my car out in the sun/shade, quickly move it into my garage, and dry it . My car color is Dark Shadow Grey. I will post a picture in the am. Another note , i bought my wife an Acura TL , had the dealer detail it upon delivery, CRAPY JOB! so crapy that its only been maybe two months and her wax is near gone! (her car is kept in the garage as well) case in point, my car was outside for 6 months in the North east weather, with the engine blown. which means i did not wax wash or nothing since last July. I just completed my rebuild last week and never waxed it until last night. the pictures below were taken last week (before and after) WHICH AT THAT POINT I HAVE NOT WAXED IT YET< just a simple wash.

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    I swear to you all i do not use high dollar products anymore because its a waste of money. I just care for my car a little bit more and pay special attention to detail when doing it. :SNSign:

    UPDATED PICTURES LMK what ya think...

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  16. Hey 03Mach1, that finish looks really good. I used to be like you and constantly be waxing or cleaning it. It does get tiresome. Here in Florida, it's hell just trying to keep your car looking good. If it isn't bugs on the front, it's bird crap, sap , pollen, constant sand and dust. That and the sun does a nasty job to the paint over time. Waxes just don't last that long because of the UV and the fact that it gets so damn hot. I still keep after it, but not as much. It seems that after day one and two of cleaning and waxing it, on day three there is already light sand and bugs stuck to the front.

    Nice work btw
  17. Those Mustangs look great!

    M2003Mach1, I was just going to use the TW Ice by itself, but now I might consider doing a multi step process like you did. What type of paste wax did you use first?

    Anyone else used TW ultra gloss? I have never heard of that one before.
  18. It aint that bad. I regularly detail my car, and I don't have a garage so it's done outside. I use a bit expensive carnauba wax but it lasts around 5 weeks, and it's very easy to apply and buff off, unlike over the counter stuff.

    Here is my car after a wash and 1 coat of wax.



  19. Thanks BTW

    I know what your saying bout the florida sun.. i use to live in WPB. The sun was nasty.. and if you don't take care of your paint, you won't have to worry too long, you won't have any left .lol

    Email me anytime.. [email protected]
  20. Paste wax..

    The wax i am currently using is TW paste, in between paste waxing i use Teflon "spray wax" by DUPONT sold at advanced auto, or TW ICE, i ONLY use micro-fiber towels to apply and remove wax.
    A very good metal polish, no abrasives at all very easy to apply and get results with minimal effort , its called"master Formula" Official Site of Master Formula
    I use TW paste, (or anything similar) works just fine.. Inexpensive , no abrasives, easy on easy off. The TW paste is good because no mater what anyone tells you, if you want your car to have that "wet look" high shine waxing it at least once a week is necessary.
    So IMO there is no need to buy expensive waxes they all wear off. Try it yourself, use your expensive wax on one fender and a reputable inexpensive wax on another. You will see that there is very little difference. If you ask me, exspensive wax is not worth $20+ dollars. If you only wax your car once a month or worse, then yep you may need to buy a clay bar or some high tech ****... maybe even need professional detailing.
    What i mean is i use paste wax on my car a couple times a month, but for me i wax my car after every wash with a liquid wax. So i wash and wax my car every week. ( my car is a "toy" i only drive it on sunny days, maybe to a car show or to get burgers / hot dogs or to my brothers house a town away.) My car NEVER gets left in a parking lot and i take up two spaces when parking, just in case. lol
    Maybe im a little excessive but i take great pride, and i'm very proud of what i have built, there is nothing more disheartening than having someone ruin something you put so much money into and work so hard on keeping it in top shape. I simply just want it to last.

    If you have any questions contact me [email protected]... :flag: