Turtle Wax Ice

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  1. Your car looks GREAT!!!!! very nice!
  2. thanks, it looks even better now that I layered around 4 coats now.
  3. Even though the wax I use still beads after a month, the paint sure as heck don't look as good as it did a month before. It's single stage paint, 4 and a half year old insurance paint job. Ford ZR Ultra White. Every time it gets dirty, it's as if some of the dirt , grease or bug stuff gets stuck in to the paint. Like a stain. And the only way to removed this "stained" dirt is by using very aggressive scrubbing or using rubbing compound. Forget the shine, the paint starts getting a yellow tinge and the surface becomes more foggy looking. No wax or polish prevents this. I can clean it up till it's factory ultra clean white, toss 5 coats of wax on it and still, within a couple weeks the paint gets the dirty yellow tinge and foggy look. The longer, the worse.

    My paint has seen much better days. Just the other day I was washing it and a big chip of paint just flaked off the bottom of the fuel door. It was peeling from the under side. Now there's a splotch of grey primer with a slight orange hue in certain spots. Rust I say, No wax in the world's gonna save this paint now ..hmm :p
  4. Sorry to hear about your paint problem.

    We also have a 97 Cobra that is ZR white and it doesn't have those problems. It does seem that when it gets really dirty though it almost needs to be hand washed twice to look good again though.
  5. Yours don't have that problem because it's probably factory clear coat finish. Mine was re-painted in 04 from an accident. It was an insurance job so the paint they used wasn't clear coat, instead it was single stage. This is where they mix base coat and clear coat in one container then spray it on, instead of base coat then clear coat. It stayed looking good till early 08. That's the drawbacks of using single stage paints. Fading, chalking and dirt sticking like glue.

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  6. HUmmm too much compound, not a very good layered paint job, and you have worn off the clear coat thats why everything sticks to it.
  7. More like crap layered. There is no wearing off the clear coat. It's mixed in with the base coat (hence single stage). The insurance work covered the front bumper, drivers fender ,headlamp plus other parts underneath. I paid the shop $400 to paint the rest of my car. The factory finish was looking horribly bad. To see just how bad, search "paint peeling on roof" with my username and you'll come up with a thread in late 03 early 04 with a real nasty pic attached.

    I used to work at the dealership that did the paint work. Not the Ford one, this was a Cadillac dealer, and I had worked there in 01 - 02. My mom also (still) works there. So I knew everyone. The $400 thing was tacked on at the last minute. So I wasn't expecting a two grand paint job. I just told them to toss some paint on the rest of the car cause it looked like s***. They just mainly scuffed up the old paint real good and painted over that. I'm suprised it has lasted as long as it has. Won't be long before the roof look like it did once before.

    I just gotta gripe about my finish even though I know it's seen it's days. I can't afford to throw paint on it right now. And unless I can find someone to do it cheap, I'm just gonna have to live with it. Well, I'm sure many have it worse than I do...that's for sure. I just HATE seeing my car look like this. My ride is my pride...and you know how that goes when your pride takes a beatin...
  8. I used it on my Mach 1. No complaints! :nice:
  9. Notice that no one mentioned Mothers. I have used it for a couple years, and although I am not big into washing and waxing cars, it seems to work just fine, easy to use, and seems to last as well as any I have tried.
  10. Ok Ok Ok.... Personally I find Zaino to be the best wax... not the best swirl remover... but the BEST wax when it comes to SHINE and Durability.... Meg. are good for over the counter waxes... I happen to swear off any Turtle wax product... its all ****... it doesnt last but about 2 washes... the ice happends to be the worst stuff I have seen used *wouldnt dare use it on my car...* here are some pics with ZAINO products... you be the judge
    IMGP3296.jpg [/QUOTE]
  11. That looks great!

    I decided not to use the TW Ice. I'll stick with Meguiars for the time being, since it is easy to get.
  12. Just remember when you run out... Wax you can get over the shelf I find to not be all that great...
  13. Where can you get Zaino and how much is it?
  14. FWIW, I've found that Turtle Wax Ice works better for reviving old plastics than anything else. For painted surfaces, it's crap. But it sure works wonders on clear plastics, like old yellowed headlights, tail lenses, and so forth. Lynn's '04 has what appears to be a common problem with the third brake light fading and turning white and crappy on top from the sun, and I've tried everything else - polishing compound, rubbing compound, Merguier's PlastiX, a variety of common waxes - and the only thing that actually made it no longer chalky and hideous was this TW Ice stuff. I think it's some kind of a silicone-based thing. It doesn't last forever, of course - anywhere from two weeks to a month, depending on the weather - but it lasts plenty long enough considering that it's really quick n' easy to slap on there.

    I've found on my old Fox headlights that going over 'em with some Mother's Cleaner Wax first and then hitting 'em with the Ice stuff REALLY clears 'em right up - not perfect, mind you, but WAY better. My lights were yellowing so bad that it was getting to where the lights were almost dangerously dim at night (looked like my alternator was taking a dump or something), and my usual trick of just hitting 'em with the Mother's Cleaner Wax was no longer working, but this Ice stuff I had laying around from a year or two ago made a HUGE difference in light output. The headlight lenses went from being absolutely opaque to clear enough that you could easily see the bulb inside the housing. The stuff works pretty good on plastics and rubber bits you wouldn't normally wax, either, like the air dam strip or the quarter window trim. :nice:

    But, again, as far as being an actual WAX or anything you'd want to use on paint ... it sucks. Leaves streaks and smears that are a PITA to get out, and that slippery "just waxed" feel doesn't even last more than a day. :notnice:
  15. yeah Meguiar's #26 is pretty good and should be available at your local auto parts store. Skip the other Meguiar ones.
  16. I used the 4 stage mothers pre-wax cleaner,sealant,polish,then carnuba wax and then i just use a spray wax mothers showtime before i go to car shows.
  17. I use the turttle ice and really love it. It's leaves a really nice shine on the car and nice for the shows. I think i will be doing the clay in the spring to see if i can really bring out the shine.