Turtle wax ultra gloss 10x better than NXT

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  1. Well after using claybar ..polish and meg NXT wax I was pretyt impressed with the shine for the most part..but it only lasted about a week and with each wash it was looking dull again andnot beading well and hti swas with 3 coats and I payed almost 20 bux for the wax..went pack and waxed with turtle wax ultra gloss and the difference is crazy! The paint is like a mirror and my paint is at least 8 years old or more I would guess...it beads great and is still holding true ..and the paste was less than 10bux..it has renewed my outlook on turtle wax products...
  2. Wow, I'll have to try some. I waxed mine with the NXT and liked the look, but your right, it doesn't have that slick feel to it just a couple of weeks after using it.

    It still looks good but I was hoping it would have that just waxed feel to the car and it just doesn't. I thought maybe I was expecting too much from the wax but I guess not.

    Guess I'll give Turtle wax a shot.

  3. No problem..I am really happy with it..I am going toi apply even more when I get time :)
  4. I didn't think applying more wax would make any difference? From what I have read, Zaino is the only thing you can apply more than one coat and see any difference.

  5. See my thread on.... Just washed and Waxed at the top of this fourm. There are some pics after mine was just waxed w/ Turtle Ultra Gloss. Very good stuff :nice: Leaves a very deep and rich shine, just check out the reflections in my pics off my paint and that is 10 yr old paint
  6. Yes it true zaino can be layered but so can any paint sealent. Zaino, NXT, UPP,ect,ect can all be layered, there is a big difference between a wax and a paint sealent. Pure carnuba waxes give you that deep wet look but don't last to long (between 2-3 months) while paint sealent give a great shine and reflection and last up to 5+months (with proper maintence and depend on weather). Layering imo doesn't give you a deeper shine or added protection kinda of a waste of product again imo.
  7. I have been using this stuff for a year, and I won't go back to zaino again! Anyone want some zaino? it is yours cheap!

    oh...and if you put about 10 coats on...it just keeps looking better with each one!
  8. I feel ya there! I have never used zaino nor do I feel the need to anymore :) now If I could jsut get rid of some of my swirls marks...freaking black paint :)
  9. Yeah, it is the bomb. Ive been telling people about it since it came out. Everyone always asks what I wax with after they see my car or truck. I switched from much more expensive waxes to try this because it was a money back guarantee, that I just couldnt believe. They made me a customer. Another good one is Eagle one Nanowax, but overall, I dont think anyone beats Turtle Wax Ultra Gloss because it has the best of both worlds... Shine....and it lasts!!
  10. Get a PorterCable :nice:
  11. what would one cost me? and what type of polish or swirl mark remover can I get at the auto parts store to go with my wax?
  12. Cheapest place there is whith the backing plate and 6'' counter weight included Here 3m makes good swirl remover that you can find at your local auto paint supplier.
  13. Since this is random orbit I wont have to worry about really burning the paint like wiht a high rpm orbital correct? Also could I use this wirh a polish of some sort on my faded plastic peices to remove the white oxidation?
  14. I love my NXT gen tech wax. I think the hype around it is so large, you are dissappointed easily. I'm definitely going to try and pick up some of that turtle wax.

  15. I picked up some turtle wax platinum today. I'll let you guys know how it goes in about a couple weeks. My car was just painted in a couple spots so I have to wait.
  16. I also have a black car w/ swirl marks.

    Is the 3M stuff you're referring to the 3M Rubbing Compound? I have a little bottle of it and it says it safely removes scratches and swirl marks.

    I would be interested in trying it the next time I detail my car. Do you really need a machine polisher to do it right? How difficult is it to not ruin your paint with a machine polisher?
  17. I too am curious about all of these questions..
  18. illwood depending on the depth of the scratches a good buffer is usually the only way to remove swirls/marring.

    The 7424 is a high opm and can cause burn marks on your paint if not carefull. As long as your paying atention to whats going on you will be fine. Not sure on the other q's.
  19. I have the 3M Hand Glaze and I can tell you, that without a buffer/polisher this stuff just doesn't work to well. It does make it have a very fine luster though.

    Accompanied by a polisher 3M Hand Glaze is the best stuff you can get off the shelf
  20. Does the Turtle Wax Platinum Ultra Gloss:

    1. Wipe on and off easy?

    2. Stain molding?

    3. Leave chalky or powder residue?