Turtle wax ultra gloss users

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  1. Does the Turtle Wax Platinum Ultra Gloss:

    1. Wipe on and off easy?

    2. Stain molding?

    3. Leave chalky or powder residue?
  2. no, no, and another no..

    does it kick ass? yes...is it the best stuff I have used? Yes....Did I sell all of my Zaino after getting it?? Yes....
  3. 1. easy on, easy off. Beats Meguires in that respect.

    2. no

    3. no

    I loved how easy it was to apply. :nice:
  4. I've heard nothing but good things about it. Not to mention it's cheap and readily available otc.
  5. oops...sorry...yes, it is easy on easy off...so..

    yes, no and no...
  6. best wax i have used
  7. How do you guys like their quick detailer? I hear good about it also
  8. Look for another wax yes it looks good yes it's easy to remove, but it's dead after about 2 weeks. So your "cheap" wax gets used up faster so in the long run you spend more. Look into Meg's #26 high tech liquid wax, last longer and spending a few more $$ to begin with will save you $$ in the long run.
  9. Lemme ask this question...

    I already have Meguiar's Scratch X and their NXT liquid tech wax. I would like to use these products up first b4 I spend more money. I was just thinking that the Turtle wax was cheap enough that I could layer it over the NXT to provide a better looking car (which is black). Is this not adviseable? Should I just stick with what I have until it's all gone?

    I had purchased these products long b4 researching detailing this last week.
  10. Use what you have until it's gone, then try another brand if you like. You can layer a carnuba wax over a paint sealant like NXT, but you can't layer a sealent over a carnuba wax (bonding issues). So yes you can layer it on top of NXT (assuming TW doesn't contain "strong cleaners/solvents") but again TW has been tested (by individuals on detailing boards) and the same results occured, great shine, great wet look, beads water good about two weeks later the water is no longer beading much. With in a month (average 3 weeks) the protection is gone, done, finished. If you have time to do the weekly or bi weekly wash and wax then it really isn't an issue wax away. But if you don't have time or just don't want to do the waxing thing often buy a quality wax/sealent. Mothers FX Synwax and Mothers Reflections Top Coat (both paint sealants) has been getting very high marks Read this thread and you should be able to find it locally.
  11. Doesnt last? Thats one of the best things about it, is that you get todays top quality shine, but it lasts way longer than your other waxes. I also have Nanowax which looks great, but doesnt last near as long as the Turtle wax. I have used Zymol, Nanowax, Mequires, and about every other wax put out in the past. My car was so slick today, it was almost impossible to get my damn car cover on.
  12. Does the turtle wax have slight cleaning properties like the NXT does?
  13. Not sure email TW for the right answer.
  14. Nope all the reports coming from detail fanatics say durabilty sucks one example http://www.detailcity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8272&highlight=Turtle+wax. I have read this many times looks good, shines great, but dead after about 2 weeks.
  15. The problem with any wax is that it will break down with just water and some heat. The longest you can expect any wax to last is about 6 weeks. Synthetic "waxes", or sealants as they are better called, will give you 8 to 12 weeks of durability. Nanowax and NXT are good examples of synthetic products off the shelf. Most of the sealants are products you have to order online. Sealants like Zaino, Wolfgang, Klasse, and Four Star Ultimate are awesome products that will give you twice the durability as the average wax will. In fact, new developments in polymer sealant technology have given us products that are not only durable, but also amazing looking. I'll take Wolfgang over the best carnauba wax out there any day. I've used dozens of different waxes and have tried several of the most popular sealants and I really am happy with Wolfgang. It makes Turtle Wax look like ear wax.

    This article really is my suggestion if you are shopping off the shelf. You can get perfectly respectable results from products you find at PepBoys. However, there is a world of shine out there that isn't on the shelf. I guarantee you that once you try some of the finer sealants in life that you won't ever go back to Turtle Wax again. I don't make promises lightly either. I've talked to dozens and dozens of people who have tried sealants with the thought that it won't be all that it is hyped up to be. They are now die hard sealant users. Carnauba is on the way out if you ask me.

    Anyway, sorry to butt in. :) I may not have a Mustang now, but I used to and I miss it. I always give Mustangs special discounts when I get a chance to detail them. I just saw traffic coming to OCDetails.com from here and thought I'd toss in my $.02. :)
  16. Thanks OCD for sharing your knowledge with use. If only people would use the same mentality when it comes to detailing as they do when building an engine/interior/body parts, they would be in awe with the results. You get what you pay for......and Ziano is not the only quality product you can get online.
  17. Amen to that. Some products have spent millions of dollars in advertising to make you think they are the best. Zymol has done that. I've got a jar of Zymol Vintage. Look up how much that costs. You'll be surprised. For as much as it costs I expected more. I like my $15 S100 that doesn't advertise at all more than my $1500 Zymol. I wrote a review on it over on Autopia a few years ago. Anyway, it is all about advertising. Just because people say it is the best doesn't mean you will feel the same way. Crappy movies win Oscars every single year...
  18. I've heard alot about the S100 Carnuaba wax...who makes it and where can I buy it?
  19. I've heard you can get S100 from local motorcycle stores or online at many places such as: