Tweecer-Dummy has a few questions.

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  1. OK, suppose I've decided to build a wicked NA 302 and tune it with the Tweecer R/T. I've discovered a wealth of random information on the net concerning EEC and the Tweecer. Ready to commit some serious study time so I can learn to finally become a good tuner. I have a very basic knowledge of how the PCM controls things. I believe I know where most all the sensors are. How to test many of them with a DVOM and such. In short, I possess a rudimentary big picture knowledge base of what an ECM/PCM does. Any suggestions on how I should take the next step?

    I know there is a book by Probst. Do I read that first, or does that do more harm than good since I understand the Fox computer is significantly different than the 94-95? Or do I wander around this, and other forums reading random threads? Haven't been to the Yahoo forum yet. Perhaps that is the genesis of all things tweecer? I'm very unsure of where the path to Tweecer wisdom begins.
  2. You can start by reading the Tweecer thread stickied in this forum. There are few other good ones right here. Then head over to for more.
  3. get your self a copy of eec analyzer. it has a wealth of info in the help tabs. and is an excellent tuning tool that will make recommendations based off your datalog. is a great site also. i myself have not used the yahoo forum so i could be missing out?
  4. "get your self a copy of eec analyzer"

    EEC Analyzer is a book? A Ford shop Manual?
  5. it's a program it costs 50 dollars but others have said it was 50 well worth it! you can download it for free and just check it out. but it won't work until you pay for it.
  6. I would not spend any time what so ever with the fox pcm :nono:

    Like Joe said, read old posts :nice:

    Besure to look at all sticky stuff, faq sections, and the like.

    Tons of info on the old Yahoo site but their search engine just sux. :fuss:

    Here is a good place to find info

    It won't take you too long to know which guys are CBAZA guys and then you can search with their names. :nice:

    You can even find info on the 94-95 Corral forum. :eek:

    EEC Analyzer is a software program.

    It was built by a Tweecer user for Tweecer users. The help files have tons of good info.

    btw, I got the book by Probst. While there is some good basic info in it. Its all fox. :bang: You will pick up that same info as you do your research. Save your money. :)

    Your attitude shows in your original post and having said that ......
    IMHO, you'll have a lot of fun with the Tweecer. :nice:

    In a nutshell, the Tweecer gives you no frills or user friendly fluff.
    It is just a manual, do it all yourself kinda way to get at the values of the pcm for manipulation.


    The Tweecer is to Self Tuning what Dos is to pc OS's :D

    It does, for the most part, give you access to most things needed for solving drivability issues as well as tuning for max power. :nice:

    The ability to gather data (datalogging) is the most important or useful feature of the Tweecer IMHO. :banana:

    Good Luck & Welcme to Self Tuning :)
  7. Just download EA the help files work just the calc. wont and since you dont even have a datalog to dump into it that is worthless at this point.

    Check out the website its all tweecer and alot easier to find info about the tweecer and 94-95 eecs.
  8. I bet Greg, myself, and a few of the other guys can send you a dlog or two if you wanna play around with EA. :D

  9. If it's not too much trouble, I would appreciate that very much. Here's what I'm thinkin I'd like to do since I'm 7,000 miles away from my car, and I got some free time almost everyday:

    1. I'd like to spend the next couple months reading the resources mentioned in this thread. I think the practical application of some real dlogs would help A LOT!

    2. I go home on furlough in a couple months, for a couple weeks. I could have a Tweecer R/T waiting for me and get a little hands on time with my car. Perhaps I could artificially induce some faults to create conditions I might later see when I fire up the car with an AFR/FTI setup. Rich, lean, unplug an O2 and such. I could run some datalogs on my car and bring them back with me.

    3. I'll have a few more months in this desert paradice after furlough. I can mess with the data logs some more. I bet you guys can tell me up front, a lot of what I'm going to see when I fire up the new combo. At least I'll know where to start when it won't idle and raw fuel is shooting out the tailpipes. :)

    This all seems like rocket science today. I just need a plan.
  10. One thing that I have found is that it realy is fairly small tweecs that need to be done.

    Its more like a opra with a group of fine performers a small imperfection to a pro (or the real world in this case of the eec as it is the great equalizer) shows against the background of others working properly.

    In yet other words it realy is about the details...fine details. That realy is the diff. from poor drivability and stock drivability.

    now granted inj. size and MAF other than stock need to be taylord' to what those parts need/are...but even then close will get you running...and fine tuning will get you near/like stock drivability.

    Just saying this so you dont think that you will have to make radical changes to all these points and areas of the tweecer also every combo is diff. and is slightly diff. in its tune.

    That download section that redirects to is exactly what I was looking for! Lots of textbook style EEC tech primers there. I need to read those a couple times before I even think of looking at a datalog.


    Yes I understand it is the little tweaks that make the difference. Does that mean I can steal data from someone with a similar engine combination, and potentially be much closer than if I just hit the key with a totally stock EEC? I completely understand that no two tunes would ever be the same.
  12. fireguy/ryan(sp?) is one smart guy with a great site.

    you can try to use someone elses base tune. The things you realy need to watch for are what kind of MAF and inj. size. Factory mafs have realy close transfers avail. so if your running a LMAF/03-04 cobra MAF you can find those transfers and be real close with not much problem, also the Pro-M or whatever name they are now have a flow sheet with them and may need alittle tweecing but are GREAT to start with like the factory ones. C&L good for foxes...not so much for us 94-95ers. So you realy dont need to steal so much as maybe try what others have used with that combo...say a prom77 and 42's, or a LMAF and 30's if you dont have the MAFtransfer or inj. info. The rest will prob. be very specific to your combos needs such as timing, A/F, fan settings, C.I., ect.
  13. Just started reading on this Tweecer. I have a all stock 94 5-speed but want to change all in time. does this help the stock form cars and allow you to increase with mods? also do you have to use a lab top or will a desk top work?
  14. With an all stock car you can get some of the basics done. Like add some timing instead of twisting the Dizzy. I would stay away from the fuel side on a stock or close to stock (IE no heads, cam, intake upgrades). But as you learn more and feel more comfortable you will be able to do more...grow with the mods and the tweecer.

    Laptop will be the best way, you can get it to work with a desktop but it will be a MUCH bigger hassle and getting a datalog is almost out of the question.

    It will probably not help much in stock form as a twist of the dizzy will get you about the same outcome. Down the road with more mods...YES it will be a helpful.
  15. Once you do a HCI and injectors Tweecer will make a difference!