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  2. Vib,

    ZAO is the 95 Cobra R calibration, and anytime you need any help or have any questions feel free to email me.
  3. Don't forget if you get 42# injectors you need to change the battery vs. injector offset. I don't have the laptop fired up but I found great settings somewhere and have no problems after I changed them. Also need to change the stock fuel crank pulsewidth vs. ECT and you will fix hot and cold starts. Most people will have starting issues once they up their injector size. I also had problems datalogging until I discovered that you open caledit, download your program, then MINIMIZE caledit then open the calcon software. If you exit then it won't datalog on my laptop. IF anyone need the 42# settings listed above you can email me at [email protected]

    My car flys now and the tweecer is exactly what my car needed. Now I just need to add 4 more degrees of timing at the top end. I am only running 28 while tuning. Can't wait to see what it does.
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  5. I think Wazee needs to be on here more often :worship: :hail2:
  6. What kind of noticable improvements could I expect from a stock 5.0? what about with some small stuff (like timing, air, pullies)??
  7. Joe, Steve, RC...don't want to step on any toes...but we now have a TwEECer/EEC Tuner forum on the new board. Ben Frazier (main distributor) will be by to help answer questions. thanks guys.

  8. Maybe somehow when he's around, we can refer him to this post, and he can post any ADDITIONAL useful info on the other thread.
    Personally, I link right to this board, so I never see the main board unless I need to go there.
    Thanks for the infor TROY! :cheers:
  9. I think the new board is a great idea and was what we were shooting for before we started this. I haven't really done much in the way of updating this in awhile. Its easier for me to answer questions then create the answers. I will start watching the stangtuning board for questions and such
  10. No problem steve, your more than welcome to do a FAQ on the other board and I can just sticky it.

  11. No problem steve, your more than welcome to do a FAQ on the other board and I can just sticky it.

  12. TwEECer R/T is for sale. I'll still come over and check things out though.
  13. Joe,

    If you post your TwEECer for sale on the TwEECer forum I am sure you could sell it in a day or two.

    What was the straw that broke the camels back? And what is the current status of your car?


    Thanks I will get started on it right away.
  14. Blowing a cylinder by trying to tune with the TwEECer and NO dyno. TwEECer is SOLD, and he is going to sell the Vortech and use the $$ towards a 331/347 rebuild.

    GOOD LUCK JOE...I maybe right behind you!
  15. I haven't done a tear down yet but 30 psi in #8 is not head gasket material.

    A street dyno session wasn't smart. I blame myself for ruining a 62,000 mile short block. I learned the expensive way to leave tuning to a professional.
  16. Hey all, I just tossed up a tweaker r/t page on my homepage. Check it out if you want to see what I did with my 393 stroker to address cold and hot starts along with 42# injector issues.just go to my dumpy webpage and link to the tweaker r/t stuff. Maybe some of you will want to post some programs there to share with others.
  17. My guess is piston ring.....
  18. Nice Page Mike :worship:

    Gotta change "Tweaker" to "TwEECer" though, so nobody thinks that you have a cheap "imitation"
  19. oops, I fat fingered the keys. I fixed it a few minutes ago. thanks for pointing it out to me.
  20. No can make it up to me by discounting my next Wazee Ebay item :D