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  1. How much is it!!!!!
  2. As of now, it is $380 for the base model, and $550 for the RT (real time) data logging.
  3. Getting the Tweecer R/T soon,and im going to need everyones help. Right now im doing the basic mods to the J4JI file im using as a base. My mods are 42's, 80mm ProM, Vortech S-trim, Typhoon intake, full exhaust. Any suggestions?
  4. Jose, I think Roger has a good base tune for you!
  5. I have been trying to tune my car. I used the cobra eec, and did a few changes. mainly disabling things ido not have hooked up. i have gt40 heads, cobra intake, 2031 cam, 24s, pro-m 80

    any suggestions. it is still struggling at idle a littele bit, and I want the most power i can get out of it safley.

  6. You will prob. get a little bit more help on the tweecer forums at on the yahoo groups tweecer section Walt has his first draft of the tweecer manual up for download. a very good read at even a rough draft.

    Have you looked into the eec analizer? its a program that does alot of the math and stuff for you (look it up in a search on the forums). I would give that a look and at 48$ it is well worth it. I bet that with a few datalogs you could clear up alot of stuff with just that.
  7. i have been searching for the eec ana;yzer, and can not seem to find it. what does it do?(specifically)
  8. search for it in the tweecer forums (on the link I posted above), not here or on the yahoo groups. I takes your datalogs and does the math for you. Try a search under Clint, or 86GT as that is his name/screen name on the tweecer forums. He is very helpfull and gives out alot of help. You can tune without it, but its another tool at your fingers, it also has alittle info on stuff. It also gives a list that/what is needed to datalog in order for it to tune or have it calculate for you.


  10. Sorry to revive an old thread, but i couldn't find this manual that your talking about. I really want to buy a tweecer but the learning curve kinda scares me. The stuff that you guys posted seems really helpful, but i know there are a million things that can be changed, so is there a place that has more laymans definitions?
  11. TTT for Pokageek.

    We need some updated info in here! This is a great thread. Sticky worthy IMHO. :hail2:
  12. TTT again. There seems to be a lot of tweecer questions again. Any idea if we can get this as a sticky? This thread helped me out TREMENDOUSLY on getting started with the tweecer!
  13. Yes Chris, there is a lot of good info in this thread.

    Just in case some of the newest Tweecer users have not thought much about info like this, here is an idea that has always helped me.

    Save info like this to your hard drive, thumb drive, cd or whatever.

    Not only can this stuff help you now but it can also help you in the future.

    Don't just save the link as some have done and later found the info was lost for one reason or the other. If that happens, a link is about as useful as titts on a bore hog.

  14. now there is an image i'd rather not see
  15. Stub, nice much of that A9L stuff is the same or similar for the T4M0?
  16. great question--anyone have an answer to this?
  17. Im bringing this up again cuz I actually found use ful information