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  1. I have a 95 mustang gt and currently am running a mostly stock j4j1 tune with, afr165 heads crane 2020 cam cobra intake 24 lb injectors stock maf. also have a 1" spacer phenolic because i had to make room for taller valve covers. Im very new to this tuning all ive really messed with is the scalars because its all im really comfortable with right now. i have a tweecer r/t with binary editor and eec analyzer. I found a tune on tunexchange J4J1 DIRTYDIRTYRACING.COM - [tunexchange: It's a bird... it's a plane... it's TUNEXCHANGE!!!] and it seemed pretty close to what i have. i just wanted some opinions on what some people might think about this tune. Also with my 1" spacer it adds volume to my intake wouldnt that have to be accounted for? I plan on getting a wb o2 sensor

    What i want to get good at this summer is the datalogging aspect of it. I dont really know where to start. im able to do a datalog but dont know how to make heads or tails. How do i make my own maf curve? im not good at doing anything wiht the tables or functions. I just need some help getting started anything anyone can do to help would be appreciated
  2. If you are running the stock MAF you should not have to adjust it much
  3. Ok so once i some datalogs what do i do with them exactly? i have eec analyzer. do i write them to the tweecer? i dont understand
  4. Do you have a wideband ?
  5. not yet but i could if its necessary with the combo ive got. also what do you think of those idle air control restrictor plates?? dashpot seems to be an issue with this car
  6. adaptive learning

    also with that j4j1 from tune exchange adaptive learning tables are all the number 4 . i was told that it disables adaptive learning is that a good idea?
  7. Adaptive Learning and Closed Loop is your friend :Word:

    You don't wanna disable that stuff :nono:

    What you can do is .............
    use it to fine tune things when you get all the major things close :nice:

    You use KAMRF and LAMBSE values to get the most difficult part ...
    which is the driving around town and cruise around town during
    light load thing ... of the tune close :D

    You will find when you are close ... the adaptive will do a very small
    amount of + or - to things when you are in Closed Loop ;)

    You just need to spend some time doing basic research about how
    the pcm controls things during Closed Loop :)

  8. Here is a bit more info for you :)

    I will hit the high spots but you will need to spend a little time on the
    tuning sites to get the basics cause if you depend upon using a tune
    someone else did you won't ever get it like it needs to be

    You might get in the ball park but it won't be as good as it could be

    You really don't need a wb for closed loop tuning cause you can look
    at karmf and lambse

    Open Loop or WOT ... Yes ... You really need a wb for that part of
    the tune :Word:

    Here we go ... Closed Loop means the pcm is using output from O2's


    A value of 1.00 means the Adaptive Strategy is not adding or pulling

    >1.00 means you are too lean and adaptive is adding fuel

    <1.00 is of course just the opposite


    This is N O T your fuel ratio :nono:

    It is what the pcm is commanding at that particular moment

    Speaking of fuel ratio

    14.7 is what peeps call stoic and for cruising and light load
    driving conditions ... most folk consider that value just about
    what you need

    This is a relationship of air to fuel
    14.7 parts of air to 1.00 part of fuel

    Therefore ... 16.00 to 1.00 would be leaner
    12.00 to 1.00 would be fatter

    Here is how lambse will relate to kamrf :)

    Say you see kamrf values > 1.00 which is adaptive adding fuel

    You should expect to see lambse values below 14.7 which is
    the pcm commanding a fatter ratio

    See how the two go together ;)

    In a nutshell ... you adjust high and low injector values and other
    fuel related values until you get the kamrf values hugging prretty
    close to the 1.00 point which means the adaptive is not working
    very much because you have gotten the tune just about right :banana:

    Hope that helps you to see just a bit farther into all this stuff :D

  9. Sad face

    yeah that makes sense to me. i understand alot of the basic stuff like that what im more confused about now is how to do a datalog and make changes from that. I have BE and EEC analyzer so i choose my payloads and then do my datalog. Now i dont know what to do with it after that. I see that theres bunch of scalars to set up in eec analyzer such as cam maf, tire/wheel size etc.
    Is this somthing i should have set up to exactly what my car is? I see the dropdown menu for the maf and dont see a j4j1 what do i do there?:( So i should keep adaptive to the stock settings and then when i get CL good i should disable it? Sorry for the confusion
  10. Did you read the thread where we talked about doing 30 second dl's?

  11. no i dont think so where can i find that thread? I know how to set up datalogs and do datalogs. i just dont know the procedure after ive done them through eec analyzer. do i need to write the datalog to the tweecer?
  12. Look at my first post in this thread :)

    See where I searched up a couple of links to threads for you

  13. alright the weather is getting nice here so i can start to think about tuning my car. So say i run a few CL datalogs this is where i dont understand what to do. First of all in eec analyzer there is a MAF section and i dont see mine in the list. I have a j4j1 tune stock maf what do i do for that? Now once i have a few of these 30 second datalogs i open up eec analyzer and do what? Where is the part where it recommends changes? I probably dont have to mess with much anyways i just want to see.:shrug: