tweecer q's

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  1. tweecer q's

    just installed my tweecer rt today. first time user, so here come the questions....

    I'm gonna try to search all the sites first before I get started changing stuff, but gotta get the basics first;

    plugged it in, turned the key on, saw it come alive on the laptop. I did a "read eec" and saved it. went back inside to have alook at it.

    maybe this is normal but some funny numbers popped up in the scalar charts, for instance the displacement is set at, should be 302?

    injector slopes 56.5 high, 87.9 low...shouldn't these be ~19 for stocker injectors?

    number of cylinedrs reads 194 (that'd be cool), however, shouldn't that read 8??

    I'm sure there are others, those just stand out.

    any thoughts? can't get the datalog to work either...followed the step by step in the sticky, no luck. gonna try cleaning the j3 receptacle again and re-attack.

    thoughts? advice?
  2. This is a stab in the dark :D
    as I know nothing about the newer software :shrug:

    The fact you are seeing hokey data makes me think something
    basic is wrong here

    Are you using CBAZA which is for 94-95

    Maybe you somehow got the Fox stuff which I think might be GUFB
    or something close to that :shrug:

    Good Luck!!!

  3. Thanks Grady-

    seems like it was the port/chip not making good contact. cbaza was the first thing i looked. took it out after work today, cleaned it up and re-applied. got good reads, put 'em on all positions, upped the idle in one and it responded :)

    put that j4ji in another spot and it took as well, took it for a spin and seemed a bit more peppier. (changed the injector slopes and maf transfer to the original read)

    heading out of town for a few days, so I can't play with my new toy, but I'm gonna give the data log funtion a try when i get back.

    pretty cool so far, plus there is tons of info out there, (thank you tweecer pioneers!!) Soon I'll get my 42lb'ers on there w/LMAF, Fox t-body swap and ditch the fmu, tweec away, then my heads and cam--good times!!