Tweecer RT Borland Database BDE 5.5

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  1. Hi Mustang people I was woundering if any of you have come accross this I am try to install BDEInst.exe Borland Database for the Tweecer but when it is almost complete an Error pops up Error Createing/opening registry Key will this make any differance on how the prog works.
    Thanks Brian
  2. Well, I'm not too sure how to help.
    When I installed BDE on my laptop it went pretty smooth.

    Double check that you are installing in the right folder/directory.

    Other than that, contact Mike of TwEECer.
    His email should be on the tweecer site.
    You can make a post on the yahoo forum.
    Mike will not respond on the yahoo forum, but will send you an email, as soon as he sees your question.
    In my experience, he is very responsive and helpful.

    Please let us know what you figure out.

    Good Luck with the tweecer,
  3. I get the same error as well as long with many other tweecer users. Just continue with the installation as normal and then install the tweecer files. It will wok. Mine does!
  4. I get an error saying that there is not enough room on my c drive. I got this error on both of my compters that have ton of space. I dunno.
  5. Make sure that you are not attempting to install the software into the root directory. I.E. C:\

    Install into a subdirectory that does not contain a long file name.

    If you are installing the software that came with the TwEECer then I'd suggest going to the website and downloading the latest version.

    Hope that helps

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  6. This is what I do for a day job when I'm not on Stangnet...

    Make sure that the account you are using to install the software has administrative rights. Also make sure that you have read/write/execute/modify rights to the target directory.