Tweecer + Solid Roller = ???

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by TooSlow408, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Well since i cant seem to get any information in my other thread i figured id go in another direction...Ive been looking at the tweecer and everybody seems to be doing just fine with them...but most that i see are used on cars with just bolt ons or a mild h/c/ there a reason for that or am i just blind? I havent seen anybody with big cubes and a big roller use one..again i may just be blind but is there any reason why i shouldnt use a tweecer??
  2. I would think it would excel on a big cube big cam motor with a change in injector timing. EEC Analyzer has a good help file on it. Also, if you don't have it, check out Binaryeditor.
  3. I just dont want it to be like a "band aid" as compared to a full standalone setup. I want it to be tuned to its maximum performance not just "good enough". It has a custom chip now but im not real pleased with the way it runs now and i hate to drive 2 hours away to get the same unsatisfactory tune or to drive 1000 miles to get a good custom tune only to change something in the future and have to go back.

    Thanks for the help
  4. It all depends on how good you are. It can do as good if not better than a full standalone and the datalogging is great. It is the only system that datalogs the long term and short term fuel trims so you can pretty much get your part throttle drivability dialed in. Combined with a wideband, it should be no trouble to get full throttle dialed in as long as you know what you are looking for there. Also, if you wanted, you could get the chip read out, load that onto the tweecer and use that as a starting point. If you haven't gone there yet, I recommend you go to • Index page and ask this same question.
  5. yeah the tune will only be as good as the guy behind the keyboard, but the tweecer is pretty powerful and i wouldnt consider it a band aid, its as powerful as a standalone, just that your working with what ford did from the factory.

    a true standalone will have some advantages, like boost or nitrous control. launch control and etc. but the principles are of EFI are all the same. its not like each efi system are vastly different.

    now the PMS IMO is sort of a bandaid form of tuning, dont get me wrong as it works well and people have had great luck. but you're more of less still fooling the EEC into getting what you want.
  6. alright good it sounds like the way to go...especially since its about 1500 dollars cheaper than a standalone :eek:...I know a guy that tunes LSxs around here and hes pretty good at it, so I'll probably get him to help me and show me the ropes kinda..but I am eventually going to put nitrous on the car, can I tune it for the nitrous and just save the tune on my pc and just switch it when i go to the track? Its going to be a wet shot so I wont have to do very much tuning at all i wouldnt think...also i have an msd digital 6 that retards the timing when i turn on the arming switch for the nitrous.
  7. The tweecer comes with a 5 position switch. One position is the stock ecu, but you can load anything you want to the other 4 positions...
    You can switch between tunes without shutting the car off... (maybe not recommended, but I've done it)

    The PMS actually has more features for nitrous and boost than the factory ecu/tweecer combo.
    Look them up and see what would be right for YOU...