tweecer tunning

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  1. anyone have any experiance tunning with Tweecer? is it user friendly?
  2. I would like to know also. I just ordered one and Im curious what im in for.
  3. will someone with little EEC tunning be able to figure out whats needed to be done?
  4. i'm no expert by any means but i have been tuning via a tweecer rt for a while.

    i would highly reccomend purchasing BinaryEditor and EEC analyzer (BE and EA)
    the programs are much more supported and user friendly than the caledit and calcon (never used them to tune but i can see a huge difference just by fiddling with the programs) plus the creator actually updates and keeps on top of BE and EA. where i hear caledit and calcon are buggy and arent updated hardly.

    as far as tuning goes its hard to say how hard it will be for someone just depends on the extent of ones mechanical expierence and how well they can familiarize themselves with how the EEC really works. i myself had never tuned before. i tried to read up on it as much as i could but everything is really confusing until you actually sit down and TUNE the car, make changes, see how things work.

    i found myself super confused, i then got my tweecer, and dove in, i was expecting it to be hard as crap at first. but really it isnt that bad.

    for most applications its really a matter of getting your injector slopes and etc sorted out. and getting the MAF transfer to accurate represent what your meter is.
    the main goal i set before myself is to have the engine actually get the AFR (via WBo2) that the engine is commanding. once your engine is accuratly getting the fuel the EEC is commanding. then its a matter of telling the EEC how much fuel you want dumped into the engine and how much spark. to maximize, economy, performance and etc.

    tuning for a mild combo with stock injectors would be super easy (if it even needed tuning at all)

    my car is supercharged and a blown car needs a few more tweaks than a N/A car. but with my basic knowledge, i have managed to get my car running very well in a few months time. car starts, idles great and WOT is great also. the difference b/w the car untuned and tuned is HUGE, still have some small things to work out, slight lean tip ins, cold start warm up... stuff like that.

    i couldnt see myself paying to have my car tuned, i am just the DIY sort of guy and WANT to learn new things, so the self tuning method was for me. and its paying off great!
  5. the tweecer was a very difficult tool for me to learn how to use. if i were you i would spend time just looking at the software and familarize yourself with it. i would strongly recomend getting binary editor and eec analyzer, google it.

    each BE and EA are bought seperatly. its and extra 100 dollars for both and you down load it right then and there online.... its worth it, so if you have the money just do it.:nice:

    go to eec tuning . org and read posts. most of all read the stickys they have posted for newbs. use the search option and look at how others started out.

    if you need ANY help PM me then ill give you my email. it was very difficult and NOT user friendly for me, so anything i can do to help let me know.

    BUT it is the best darn tuning device! you can do ANYTHING with it! i love the tweecer!.... and BE/EA

    one last thing, when you get the hardware and you have it plugged into your j3port, DO NOT REMOVE THE CHIP WHEN THE KEY IS EVEN NEAR THE IGNITION! if you do then you will be ordering a new ecu. :notnice:

  6. how much boost do you see, BTW.
  7. lol i am guessing you found this out the hard way?
  8. thanks for the info guys!. now what do u guys think about the PMS system any pros or cons to that?
  9. PMS will let you tune based on boost levels directly, and should be a little easier to pick up.

    My issue with the PMS is that it still 'fools' the ecu, similar to a calibrated MAF meter.
    This doesn't mean the PMS is ineffective... in fact many folks have had great success with it.
    But, I would rather do things the Tweecer/moates way.

    KIM, I have never used the pms... only the tweecer.