Tweecer users- I have to ask.....

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  1. In Grady's famous words....give or take a few words..."I don't know why someone would not want to "know" the tune......
    I am almost at the point where all my mods for now are complete...just have to install the fuel pump....I know, I've been told it should have been done a while to the game...LOL.... Looking at prices for tunes and chips.....and wanting to have my hands in my own car...I am really leaning towards the tweecer rt .....What are some of your guys' experience with "the learning curve"? Is there some type of info that you base on your particular set up that gets you to a starting point...?
  2. Excellent system i think. I used it when my boy and i installed a kenne belle on his SN. The learning curve is a little steep and theres some serious research invovled in it, but theres nothin like knowing exactly what the computer is doing and thinking. Gives you a much better understanding of the computer systems in our cars. The T4MO computer in the SN's is nicer and easier to tune with than the A9's from the foxes. Remember that you also will need a wideband to make it even worth your time or else you are guessing in the dark as to the true tune on the car. Tweecer RT is the way to go, the datalogging features really help if you dont constantly have a friend sitting in the car with the laptop infront of them. good luck man
  3. Thanks for the the newbie question....what exacty do you mean by wideband.......from what I know you download the necessary info from their site......and that there are four settings plus stock that can't be altered for safety.........that is what I know so
  4. WB = wideband O2 sensor (allows you to monitor the stoichiometry).
  5. Yup hissin's got it. A wideband allows you to measure to air/fuel ratio of the exhaust which will give you an indication if the car is running rich or lean. Stoichiometry is air/fuel value that implicates that all residual fuel has been burned completely and the engine is running neither rich or lean but experiencing a perfect combustion process. This value is set at 14.7:1 i believe and anything higher than that is considered lean and below that is rich. You will want to tune your car based almost soley on this ratio. The leaner you can run the car without detonation (pre-ignition) the more power you will make. However its not smart to flirt with this edge because all sorts of weather variables impact the air/fuel ratio. The tweecer in combination with the wideband will allow you to set the A/F ratio to an optimal level as well as tuning all the other functions (scalars and tables) that the computer follows to properly run the motor. you are lookin at about 750 bucks for the tweecer RT and a wideband O2 sensor. The Wideband needs to be mounted in the H pipe area of the exhaust with a welded bung. good luck man, maybe do some more serious/detailed research before gettin all the way into this can be confusing
  6. crap...double post
  7. Thanks Hissin, and where does this WB mount or place....only o2's I am aware of is in the midepipe.......I know...I am a dummy
  8. Tweecer R/T! If your interested in tuning and can have fun learning then it will probably be something you can handle. Some people just want it to right (chip) and not ask why or how. These are the type of people that will probably never figure it out. If you are the opposite it will be very rewarding and fun to do and learn. Plus once you put it in and make mods and such it is like free horsepower once you start tuning everything in, without have to pay to reprogram a chip all the time.
  9. Gotta Go with 69clark on this one :nice:

    Lots of stuff has been written by many folks about this topic and I've tried to help peeps in the past with their decision. I even built a site that I hoped might give peeps an idea of what it is like to use a Tweecer to self tune. I've now come to this finding after seeing what peeps say on these forums and talking one on one to quite a few of them who ask your same Q.

    It all boils down to this ................... Personality Type :D

    If you are into the How & Why of things
    You would see the Tweecer in a Positive Light

    If you are not into the How & Why of things
    You most likely would see the Tweecer from a Negative position

    Neither Personality Type is right or wrong
    Hopefully, they choose the Tuner type that is right for them

    Having said that, I have to say this

    Neither Tuner type is right or wrong as well :D

    The Tweecer provides very few user friendly features.

    Even if you pay more and go with a tuner that will do some of the thinking for you in the form of user friendly features which are always a nice thing to have .................

    You still have to know the basic principles of how a motor works
    How are you gonna know if you need spark or fuel
    Do you need more or less of it.

  10. IMHO the tweecer is awesome! Haven't really got to use it much however Mike G will help you out a lot and there are 2 different user forums for help. You do not need to weld in a bung if you replace the factory o2 sensor with a wideband and you can shut it off with your tweecer just make sure it is before the cat if you still have them. You can also datalog the wideband with your tweecer details on the forums. Some people even tune without a wideband however it gets a lil time consuming monitoring your LT fuel trims. I will tell you this though after you learn the tweecer you will know how your car works!