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  1. Tweecer...... (grady)

    Hi guy's ok i don't know if i'm writing my tweecer the right way so i need you're answers
    ok what i did is i went on the caledit went to Scalars made some changes and later changed my position to nr 1 and pressed write to tweecer after it was complete i starded my car and the car does not run write it dumps fuel like crazy and dosen't want to idle
    Q 1. I don't know if the way i made the change in Scalar and the way i wrote the tweecer is the right way to do it if it is y may car is not ruuning :shrug:
    the only thing i changed was the fan temps to go on the rest was on touched
    i did the search button no help on what i'm looking for
    Q 2. When i press the ford loggo to read the EEC after it's done i have funny readings on the (scalar)
    and i need some help with payload i just don't understand how it works and what is that for do i have to have all the 16 thing chceked in and saved and then make changes and write tweecer ??? :shrug:

    Derek.N ( Don't hate ) :flag:
  2. Are you using CBAZA as your strategy. If you arent then if will give you wierd info on the scalars and your car wont run right.
  3. tell you the truth i'm still lost with the tweecer i did get some idea how it works but i guess not enough yet :nonono:
    there are times that i feel like i did a wring thing spending all that money on something i don't get who ever made the program for tweecer didin't do a grate job making it easer for people
    i wish there where people araund my are with a tweecer to help me out
    thank's Derek .N
  4. You mentioned reading the EEC and getting strange values. I had that happen to when I first installed my twEECer. The chip wasn't connected to the J3 port good enough. If you just put the thing in, you need to take it back off and make sure all that silicone and crap is off the J3 terminals.
  5. Man i was cleaning that thing like 30 minuts from the white resedue with alcohol i did clean both sides and i pressed the tweecer all the way in and i shimed it araund and used some clear packing tape to hold the tweecer nice and tite
    if you say i should take it out and do it again i will try that but before i did not have the funny reading from EEC it happend when i was trying to tune the car

    i think i have to talk to some one over the phone to help me go step by step with the payload thng and how to get the files in
    it would be easer for me
    if any body would like to help me out E mail me with you'r tell nr and i will pay the long distance :D [email protected]
  6. Darek, looks like you need to take a step back and make sure the hardware part is right. It took me about an hour to get that residue off enough to where the twEECer would function right. I'd pull it and go at it some more.

    Also, we need to know what version of CalEdit and CalCon you're using. 1.2, 1.3? I use 1.3.

    Then if you need to datalog, I'd write a stock tune (read from EEC, write to twEECer in all 4 positions) to the twEECer. Then go into utilities, and select a few payloads (16 maximum), make sure you have the datalogging button checked at the bottom, and click the payload box. Then write to twEECer. Now open CalCon and click the record button, then start the stang. It should work now.
  7. ok the programs that i'm using are CalEdit v1.30A9 CalCon v1.0A7 i just downloaded them from tweecer site i even put fresh comy o windows PRO on the laptap
    i need more info on the payload thing on the rite side it says Variables for RT datalog payload so let say i want to change my rpm idle or a fan temp so i mark the fan status and then i should go to scalars and change the temp and then write the tweecer????????? i do remember to change the possition on the switch
    ok i will rty to take my EEC out again and clean it and if i get it working i will let you know how it worked out :)
    i hope i get it going soon cuz right now i'm verey angry with that thing :damnit:
    some one need's to write nice manual how to make changes in the tweecer step by stem with nice print screen's on what they change it would be wa very good help to people like me :D :banana: :banana: :banana:

    thank's again
  8. Derek

    I'm not familiar with the V1.30 version so I can't give you a step by step walk through but maybe this will help.

    The payload thing is for datalogging so forget that for now.

    I would focus on ensuring the basic correct operation of the Tweecer interface for a first goal.

    Do nothing else or make no changes other than to raise your idle to say 1500 rpm.

    Save that file as idle1500 or whatever name you choose.

    Key to on position.

    Upload that file to the Tweecer.

    Key to off position.

    Start car and see if the idle has increased.

    If so, see if you can repeat the whole progress and see of you can return the idle to the original setting.

    See where I'm coming from with this?

    Just see if you can do a simple change that is noticable which will verify your understanding of the basics.

    Don't worry about all of that other stuff.

    If you can't do that change above .........

    Like Chris said, the prob is most likely gonna be something like the pcm pcb is not making good contact with the Tweecer interface.

  9. grady so you say that payload is for data logs .So if i check 16 positions and save in to the payload and then try to datalog my dashboard should show me some reading's??????? did i get that right??????
    plus when you said to just make a change in the rpm range i know what you mean that's what i'm trying to do make a small change and see if it works out
    and then i can take a step up in making more progress :)
    Now i need to fix connection problem
    when i take care of that problem . iI think kris said that he's useing v1.3 so he can give me step by step instructions :spot:
  10. Ok guy's thank's for all you'r help but i had it with this pice OFF $hi? :mad:
    Today i had time to take this crap out and clean it again and i did not have it cleaned good enough but this time i'm sure the connections are clean i useed a minature file to sand it down i did not damege anu thing is just that thing helped me take the silicone off and then i wipe it off with some alcohol
    then i put the tweecer back on shimed it araund and put some wide tape on so it stays there nice and tite it took me like 4 hr to to do this :nonono:
    i took my time with cleaning conections one by one and after i put everything together and start my car it was find and when i read my EEC I still get same crap ass i did before what the hell i'm tired with this allrady!!! :bang:
    i'm going to e mail tweecer and give this back i have no use for it
    :bs: that's what i think !!!
    Thanks again for all you'r wasted time trying to help me :nice:

  11. Ok here are 2 pictures
    This is what i get after reading the EEC after second time of cleaning connetcions on the j port [​IMG][/IMG] [​IMG][/IMG]

  12. Derek

    See that drop down for the various strategys. Our Stangs are the CBAZA strategy.

    Again, I don't use that version of software but that might be something for you to try.

  13. so you want me to change the strategy on the bottom of the page right???? and see how it will work out
    i just E mailed tweecer the guy is trying to help me out with the unit i told him that i had cleaned it again to have a good contact he said that i shoul try just pushing the tweecer to the EEC only like 3/4
    he said that i may had pushed to far and it's loosing connection

    well here we go again ................... :bang:

  14. Darek, like Grady said, I think you're using the wrong strategy. That will for sure give you the problems you're describing. That "A9L" jumped out at me as soon as I saw the picture. Switch that box to the "CBAZA" strategy, and you should be set. Good luck bro!! :nice:
  15. Use the CBAZA strategy.

    Read your original tune and save as stock.

    Write your original tune to TwEECer postion 1.

    Test that car runs correctly in TwEECer position 1.

    If it does, your are ready to tune. Start with a simple change, such as fan temps or global timing advance (make sure dist is at 10 deg) and that Checksum Base is set to 0

    Once you get to this point, work the timing tables and then attack the other items you want changed one at a time.

    Hint, you can test variations of tune changes in the 4 postions; for example, set 4 different timing tables and drive test to see which ones ping. Then you know max timing to go with when no ping is present.

    It's easy to program out the hard start and mid throttle ping.

    The TwEECer seems complicated because you have about 600 variables to play with. But once set up, it's great. Well worth the effort to learn even for basic stock 94-95 since you can program the perfomance back in that ford tuned out of our medels.
  16. Yup, yesterday was my first time using 1.30 and I clicked read EEC and it gave me all these crazy idle numbers and I wasnt familiar with any of the scalars. I think it said I had like a 7000 ci engine too. Go to that drop down and change it to CBAZA and everything will come back to spec. One step at a time man!
  17. THANK YOU THANK YOU :hail2: It's ALIVE the A9L thing was wrong now my EEC nobmers are right :) I made idle RPM change and Fan temps and i wrote it to tweecer in position 1 starded the car and runs good and the fan is going on at the temps i changed to :banana: Now the Fun begin's
    this one is on me :cheers:
    but there is onbe more thing i cant get the dashboard to log in show's all zero's no nombers i did push the red button to log in and i see nombers count at the bottom of the screen
    is there anything i have to change or mark it to make it log on so i can see my TPS volts and other readings?????
    You guy's have bin a very big help thanks again to Grady Kris and all the other that helped :nice:
  18. Open your file, go into the utilities tab, and select your payloads you want to datalog. Make sure that datalog check box is checked at the bottom of the screen. Then click the payload button next to the payloads. Now just rewrite your tune to the twEECer. Now, open calcon, and click the log to file button (not needed unless you want to save the datalog to a file) and click the red record button. You should now see tps readings (if you selected it) along with a few others (ACT, ECT etc.). Now start the car and it should start datalogging. Don't worry, it took me a while (a few days actually, lol) to get mine to datalog. I wasn't doing it right. Good luck! :nice:
  19. Thanks Kris i will try that tomorow and see if it works thanks ALOT guys for the Help :spot: