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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before, I did a little forum searching and came up empty handed, but what are the PC system requirements for the tweecer, cant seem to find that info on their site.
    Thanks in advance
  2. That's taken directly from Tweecer's website.
  3. I run an old laptop consisting of a PIII 750 loaded with Windows ME. Definitely not cutting edge but more than adequate to talk tot he TwEECer. My advise would be to get a laptop as opposed to a desktop. It's pretty difficult to tune your car on the fly with a desktop. hehe

    Just pick up a cheapy laptop that will run windows 98SE or later and you'll be golden. MUST have USB ports!
  4. what does a tweecer cost? can i tune my car for a nitrous/blower with it?
  5. I think the RT is $580? Not sure though.
    Yes, you can tune for power adders, but you will want to get a wideband as well. The stock O2s are not adequate for afr tuning.

    I suggest picking it up and playing with it a little before getting the power adder. But that would apply to any tuner you choose.

  6. I got rid of my desktop and picked up a laptop from ebay for $325 shipped.

    My laptop is no power house, but it has worked very well, for the last 3 months. This thing is at the lower end of the spectrum for using XP, but it works great.

    Just another option.

    I think I saw the old IBM laptops for about 100 on ebay too. They should be adequate for the tweecer.