Twin kit progress pics.

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  1. Got the engine back from the machine shop, the twin disk setup was a pain in the arse. The driver side header from B&G was a PITA as well, as the headers didnt allow the use of studs due to lack of room to spin the nut., so we had to use extremely small headed bolts. The motor dropped right in and then it took me from 11pm 1 am to get the trans aligned and bolts to the bellhousing. Today I will be connectting the driveshaft, bolting in the other turbo, connecting all the hot/cold parts, installing intake, and will most lilkely have it ready to run by the end of the day. Thanks for looking.
  2. NIce very nice....
    what kinda clutch is that?
  3. Damn man, that is a clean looking motor. Its cool as hell when you find a twin turbo Stang. Hope your motor can take it lol. Good luck.
  4. Wow, very nice so far. Everything is damn clean.
  5. The clutch is a Mcleod street twin, good for 1000 rwhp, costs about 1200$ new. The motor is a 4 bolt racing block, all forged internals, good for 1000 hp. The injectors at 72 lb, good for 800rwhp, you can figure it out from there...
  6. Well when your all done, we can meet in ohio (in the middle) and well put the turbo to the blower and see who gots the power. NO im only kidding maybe, but i love turbo's, how much Boost do you plan on running? What ECU? What block did you end up choosing?

    I love the way turbos sound when they spool up like a Lear Jet... HMMMMMMM
  7. The block is a Ford racing A4 block, very hard to come by. The ECU is Accel DFI. I will be running 10-12 psi on the street.
  8. im jealous. Where did you get the a4? i searched but no luck.
  9. If that's an a4, it will probably hold way more than 1000hp. I've seen it take 1400-1600, and still not break, and that's an estimate because i think the dyno would only read 1400hp.

    I had a shot at an a4, fully prepped for a 347, bought the tremec instead, what a mistake, i should of checked an A4's value first.
    $1600 block, and $1000 machine work, and all i had to pay was the machine work.
  10. sirsureshot, i hate you. jkjk insane build, can't wait to see it running, expect any vids?
  11. :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: you are doing my dream setup. TURBOS :nice:
  12. jesus everyone is gettin there motors built kick*** like.. i feel slow lol
  13. What heads are those are they the Systemax heads or somthin else?
  14. Very nice. Wish I had $$$ so I could make a TT setup.
  15. damn man very nice. did you buy that turbo setup as a kit? i am pretty sure i am gonna be doing a twin setup but i am fabricating all the pipes myself. i am looking for just the headers though for twins, but i can't find anyone who sells then with out selling the rest of the hot side

    again looking really lnice man, i wishi lived closer i would love to see that **** up close, make sure to keep posting LOTS of pictures

    edit: also what size are those turbos? and what intercooler are you using?
  16. Look awesome bro. Hopefully you'll take it up to Nanuet before i leave for school or i'll come down and see it.
  17. You call any magazines yet? lol if i dont see your car in a magazine sometime soon after it finishes im going to be pissed. I cant wait to see that thing done, get some vids of it starting up!
  18. OMG I think I need to change my boxers! :spot:

    Holy crap that is a sick looking set-up!

    Bro, I would friggin pay you money for any vids!!!