Twin kit progress pics.

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  1. Yes its a carbon fiber hood, but I wont share where it came from. Its being painted soon enough, and the cowl isnt going anywhere.
  2. how much was it?
  3. ohhh it came from a secret location? *click* google =O
  4. very expensive
  5. I feel like I'm out of the loop here. Were you serious about selling the car, or was it some sort of sick prank? lol.
  6. lol i was just going to post that link. hows the fit on that hood. go-stang50 got a CF hood from them and it didn't line up well with the fenders (sn95).

    But keep in mind that isn't their production hood. That hood on ebay will only be able to be pinned on. No hood latch or hinges.
  7. Its 'from an early production run that had fitment problems', hence the price. Still a great deal though, and it makes the car look awesome IMO.
  8. hood that dont fit right SUCK!!!
  9. The hood has some dings and cracks, but I didnt buy it for the finish, I bought it for the function. Hence why its being repainted, otherwise it fits fine.
  10. fit well
  11. I like the look of that hood, is everything going to fit under there?
  12. get some pics of the hood on the car from a distance.
  13. Real real nice. Lots of respect to you! Should of used satin on the engine bay...Don't hold it against me, I love your car:)
  14. Car is back together and running. Cleaned and washed, got the carbon fiber hood fitted pretty well, it needed A LOT of trimming underneath to clear the radiator support. Ill have some pics tomorrow when the sun is out.
  15. if this weekend is nice, can i come see the car?? ive been meaning to, and then you were gonna sell it, then it snowed, then it was know if thats cool and we can set somethin up:nice:
  16. I wanna see how much power is in this combo. Any gueses?
  17. cant wait to see pics Mike :)