Twin kit progress pics.

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  1. oh, they use salt, and lots of it.
  2. the roads were pretty clean it looked like, he just took it out to get some pics probally and go for a little drive while they werent snow/salt covered.....
  3. how about 9.50 at etown:D
  4. 8.70s at Osceola Dragway!
  5. It was a nice night out, dry roads, and the parking lot is 1/4 miles down the road. It takes me 10 seconds to get there.

    Car is being tuned on saturday morning.
  6. I was right by your house last night, i shoulda stopped by. I really wanna see this thing in person.
  7. :shrug:

    let us know how it handles in the snow at WOT, should make for some cool pix :nice:
  8. The snowmobile or the mustang?:bang:

  9. both race them.

    soo is that sled 1k cc's 4 stroke :shrug: or is it like the thunder cat
  10. The moped :p
  11. 1k cc 4 stroke. :hail2: Yamaha sleds, hence the R1 motor.
  12. those things wiegh 30,000lbs

    get a real sled

    arctic cat F7 snow pro,

    I would have expected more out of you, you should be ashamed...

    J/k take it easy buddy
  13. Its not mine, my buddie owns them.
  14. Dyno this week, video of me ripping up the street by tonight.
  15. I don't believe it... You won't post that video:D
  16. they may weigh 30 000 pounds...but have you ridden a turbochraged verison? my god, it feel's like its gonna pull your arm out of there sockets.
  17. What?:shrug: