Twin kit progress pics.

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  1. Nice vid :nice:
  2. Man very nice st-up... Just read the WHOLE 17 pages and I'm downloading the vid as I type. Puts my DIY set-up to shame:D

    And looks MUCH better with the heat extractor hood, give it that sleeper look.
  3. Great vid Mike! LOL... the final shot was priceless.

    Glad you decided to keep it and get it all worked out. So what if you're sleeping in a van down by the river.:p
  4. Some new hardware, good tax return this year. Should fix my breathing problem.

  5. bad attatchment man
  6. Usually with the breather lower then the valve cover it will pull a little oil with just a catch can set-up, just keep an eye on it.

    It looks great BTW....
  7. amazing how quick those fittings really boost the price of each project


    looks great man :nice:
  8. Will do, no room anywhere else to mount it.
  9. I didn't realize you got rid of the holley intake.

  10. Yeah I know it gets a little cramped, I had mine mounted on the rear of the passenger shock tower as high as I could go with-out hitting the hood. When you use a vacumm pump you can mount it anywhere
  11. I just did the swap yesterday. The holley is still in the garage.
  12. where are the pictures of the new hood? i cant get the video to work either.
  13. Hood pics are on page 16.

    Today I installed a custom made clutch quadrant made specifically for the Mcloed twin disk clutch. It has a higher ramp rate, which in turn disengages the clutch for smoother/easier shifting. It also lowered the disengament of the pedal closer the the floor, as where it was much higher with the older piece, almost all the way up! If anyone is interested, please see this thread for more info.

    Quadrant took about 10 minutes. Here is the old unit, Im not sure who makes it because it came in the car when I bought it 6 years ago.

    There is a foot of snow on the ground now, Ill will update this when I have a chance to drive the car. However just moving the car back and forth in the garage i notice the the pedal feels much smoother.
  14. And I just feel like whoring out my own thread..

  15. you are my friggin hero man. i know i've said that before, but this is just awesome. TT, built motor, 10th anniversary wheels, great paint, nice tint...i think i need to go change my shorts.
  16. Where did you get your headlights from?
  17. Well, I finally saw the feature in MM&FF today. Car looked real good, but I was disappointed that they only talked about the cam-weld-engine-grenade, and failed to mention that it ran those times and made that power on only seven cylinders. I thought it a grave injustice, in fact. Regardless, congrats Mike.
  18. I was down in palm beach FL with the gf on spring break vaca. We were at some nice outside mall place and she was shopping with her sister so i went into barns and nobles to read MM&FF. It was a great surprise to pop it open and see your old car. Showed me gf the stroy when we got there cuz i am always showing her everyones cars on here (though shes doesnt really care, shes a good sport though) and remember it. I also think they did a halfassed write up, but no biggie, still looked great.