Twin kit progress pics.

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  1. Saw your car in MM$FF Very Nice!
  2. Thanks guys, it was worth the wait. Now I just need to decide on what to do with it...
  3. I thought you sold it??
  4. Still in the garage, no one can afford it.
  5. I vote dropping it into a nice 03-04 6 cyl mustang.. so they can be surprised as hell when you beat em and say you have a 5.0..
  6. i currently have deposits on two cars. One being a 2001 saleen with 03 cobra motor, 6 speed, and the works for 30k. The other is a 90 notch, seen here- for 2k.

    If someone shows up withthe money for my car in a few days, ill do the saleen, if not, im scheduled to pick the coupe up on saturday. and begin swapping everything over.
  7. Um... why? Because it's a coupe?
    WTF Mike?
    How about another vid before you rip it apart?
  8. another vid of what?
  9. that coupe seems like a very solid platform to work with IMO. straight body, built rear-end and you have the rest it needs. cant wait to see that build up, have someone photochop ur rims on that.
  10. "More racing... more dyno pulls... more videos... and more horsepower coming soon"

  11. TT91 or anyone that knows: Whats the paint code of your now for sale car?

    Im sure this has been asked before but a search didnt pull anything up..

  12. do you not understand that he got into an accident? people need to actually read threads instead of just skimming through the last page..
  13. Who the hell are you? Actually, some of us have been following this thread for months, and didn't just drop out of the sky like you and skim the last page. Where, exactly, does it say in this thread that it was in an accident?
  14. well apparently you should look around more often. he got in an accident the frame is bent (or something along those lines) and doesnt want to repair it . It was on ebay etc.. just look at threads he posted. Hes already got a diff car lined up which is equally as badass..
  15. You may follow this thread, but I do post in other threads as well. This car got wrecked, someone pulled and illegal U turn in front of me 3 WEEKS AGO, try doing a search before you get nasty with anyone.
  16. Sorry, I dont give that imformation out.
  17. Damn- that sucks. Sorry to hear it, I offer my condolences. I've had similar situations, been screwed by un-insured motorists every time, and fixed my cars myself. Two out of three of them were damaged far worse than that- and none of my cars were anywhere near as worth fixing as yours is. The thought of abandoning it at this point- over this- is beyond my comprehension. I guess everyone really is different after all. Thanks for the link though, it's too bad.

    ON other matters- I don't, however, offer apologies for my behavior. I was responding to a nasty post by someone who has barely been productively active, and I responded to it in kind. I did not come in here unprovoked with both guns blazing. I was attacked and flamed right back, thank you very much. No I didn't search, I'm subscribed to the thread that has had continual updating on this project since back in the days when I was here all the time. Every disaster, every accomplishment, was somewhere in this thread. If something relevant happened three weeks ago, it shouldn't seem unusual for it to show up here- and long before now. And it was distinctly implied that I just jumped to the end of THIS thread without reading every goddamn post first, not that I wasn't hanging out in 5.0 talk- which I'm not and never was. I have way too much of my life invested in this site to disappear entirely, so if something happens in a thread I was involved in I want to see it- but I'm not surfing the boards for new info anymore and can't start. I'm far to busy these days and don't have the time for life on stangnet like I used to. I didn't put up with any un-warranted crap from noobs when I was here everyday trying to help people, I have even less patience for it now when I'm just trying to stay in touch.
  18. delete that crap from my thread!
  19. lol. did u take delivery of your new car yet? will you be given the website to the car also?