Twin kit progress pics.

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  1. Mike, shoot me an IM when you get a chance.

  2. :bs: lol j/k man.
  3. TTT for paint code or type!! Pwetty Pwease!
  4. Be original. Do something else.
  5. I did that last time I painted my car and I ended up regretting it! (I got a custom paint mix).
  6. steal a paint code from another car brand

  7. I am total support of this. Too many cookie cutters out there, me included. Now I am looking to be more unique. (although I love my Cobra R's)
  8. Where are ur vids posted "link:" all 2 or 3 vids i had but i got a new computer can i download movies too my harddrive cus i dont have the internet

  9. :scratch:
  10. Im borrowing my uncles cable modem for acouple days.....
    thats howim on now
  11. :cheers: Oh my freakin God. Cheers bro, That setup is completely sick. Post vids ASAP...pleeeeease!
  12. He sold the car months ago and bought a Saleen.