Twin T57 03 Cobra vs Nitrous, Heads, Cam, 97 Formula

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  1. Well in all honesty it was the money. The whole turbo situation is amazing however, when you finally do get one and begin the build you begin to ask is it really worth it? Turbo's are sick it's just in my eyes they are dyno queens. I can get my 450rwhp car to run the same time as someones 650rwhp turbo car. That whole area pushed me away. I was always an all motored guy and just finally bit the bullet. Ya I would love to throw my turbo kit on my boss block but money is stopping me and I only have once choice, all motor or turbo, and I chose all motor. Nothing beats the huge cammed, high revving all motored monster rip through the streets.

  2. Whoa buddy who said anything about your car? Maybe you should learn to read and not jump to conclusions.
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  4. Looking at other peoples ET is pointless, a well setup turbo car with 200 more HP will EAT a similar setup n/a car ALIVE. ET has alot more to do with the whole car, than HP. Look at the MPH difference. Turbos do with with ease too, high RPM n/a cars dont generally last as long.
  5. I've seen 9sec cars lose to 11sec cars because they couldnt hook on the street. It's really hard to hook a turbo stang on the street especially where I live. I do agree a turbo car will be faster than n/a but thats what nitrous is for and let alone the fact of running 10's all motor is impressive, then spray her and go 9's. For sure turbo's are cool and all but right now I just don't have the money or time to fiddle with it. Maybe one day in the future Ill slap a turbo on my 347. :nice: