twin turbo 383w Pinto build has started

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by 78pinto, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. one question did you get clearance from the control tower to fly that thing one word awesome well two words DAM AWESOME looks great .we have airstarts here at the airport with less hp and that rocket .all we can get is 500 hp out of our detroit deisels too cool
  2. Here is an update guys. The car is running awesome, i put an electric vaccume pump on it to control some oil seal problems and it worked out well. I took it to the track last night, it was very busy, first pass was just a sunday cruise to make sure all would be well at 100+ mph at the top end. Second pass was best of the night....and had to let off twice to keep it in my lane 11.66 @ 118mph the third pass was an 11.90 @ 118mph again letting off when shifting into second. Fourth pass got me booted off the track......messed with timing a bit, really woke it up and I was off the throttle three times and then just gave up.....track owner said i was done for the night because he said he could see both my doors (standing at starting line) as i was loosing it. [email protected] 84mph I'm sure it has an easy 10 second pass in it (all this at only 9lbs of boost on pump gas!) but i think my rear suspension is not helping my cause. I must say......i love boost!

    On a side note....i don't think my C5 tranny is long for this world, the thing doesn't want to shift into third and i have to let up on the throttle a bit the get it to shift. Guess i know what my winter project will be!