Twin Turbo 92 LX Hatch

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  1. DDMI TT 92 LX Hatch

    1992 Mustang LX 5.0 - Titanium Frost exterior (7/10), Gray tweed interior (9/10)

    Factory Options:
    Power windows, locks, mirrors, and lumbar support (not currently working), cruise, airbag, non-tilt steering.

    Exterior Modifications:
    Cervini's 2.5" cowl hood, smoked headlights, Weld Draglites w/ skinnies and 275/50/15 BFG DR's, tinted windows.

    Interior Modifications:
    B&M T-handle knob w/ line-lock button, Auto Meter tach, boost, and A/F gauges, armrest delete.

    Engine/Exhaust/Fuel System:
    Stock 1992 bottom end 302ci, DDMI (pre-Incon) Twin Turbo Kit w/ dual water-cooled/engine oil-fed Garrett T25 turbochargers, Spearco air-to-air intercooler, TFS Twisted Wedge aluminum heads w/ Crane 1.6 rockers and light port work, BBK 70MM TB, Pro-M 75MM MAF, dual K&N cone filters, Crane cam (for use with turbos, but I don't have the exact specs), RAP (Ron Anderson Performance) box upper intake, GT40 lower intake, Anderson PMS, MSD ignition, 42lb injectors, Aeromotive fuel rails and adjustable regulator, Bassani X pipe, no cats, Dynomax mufflers, 2.5" Flowmaster tailpipes, Walbro 255 in-tank fuel pump.

    Eibach drag launch springs, AirLift airbag in right rear, Lakewood 70/30's up front and 50/50's out back, Sub-Frame Connectors, Hurst line-lock, HPM Megabite Jr lowers, Steeda uppers, no front swaybar, drive shaft safety loop.

    Tremec 3550 w/ Pro5.0 shifter, MMR RBT700 clutch, Fidanza aluminum flywheel, FMS aluminum driveshaft, Superior 31 spline axles and F150 diff w/ upgraded internals, 3.27 gears.

    Exterior is 7/10. If you fixed the below items, it would be a 9/10.

    - Fix 2 holes in front bumper from where the license plate bracket was
    - Respray the front bumper
    - Fix the dime sized area on the front passenger fender that is starting to bubble slightly
    - Respray the body moldings
    - Fix the passenger side door handle (common issue on the fox cars) with the brand new set of door handles that are included with the car

    Interior is 9/10. Only modifications are an a-pillar pod with 2 guages, sound deadener removal, arm rest delete (original armrest comes with it) and a tach mounted on the dash

    Since people could potentially be travelling to come get this car I have outlined ALL other known issues below:

    - at idle, a minor rattle is present from startup until the car gets to operating temperature (possibly the throwout bearing)
    - the car puffs some blue smoke upon deceleration, but absolutely none at idle or under any load (this is due to the location of the turbos and an oil scavenging pump/system similar to what STS uses would need to be installed to fix the smoking issue)
    - there is no room for the A/C components with this turbo kit, so the car does not have A/C
    - the rear main seal has a minor leak
    - the brake lights haven't worked since I istalled the 2-step (an extra wire run should solve this since they worked just fine prior to the install)

    I had the car professionally appraised for $12,500 and have the documentation to go with the car. I also have a complete carfax report detailing the entire history. The car laid down 454hp/520tq on a Dynojet dyno and has run a best of [email protected] w/ 1.62 60' w/o the 2-step. The car is extremely quiet at idle. I drive the car over an hour each way to and from the track as well as about every day it is nice outside during the summer.

    I am looking for $8,500 firm. The car is very fairly priced due to the fact that it does not have an aftermarket block or rotating assembly. I promise you won't find a cleaner 10 second car for this price. Not interested in trades at this point.

    Pictures are available via my photobucket site and here is a short walk around video where you can hear the rattle at startup:

    Cars pictures by charged97 - Photobucket

    YouTube - DDMI Twin Turbo LX Walkaround

    I can be reached at [email protected]. PM me for my cell if you would like to talk about the car.

  2. Accepting partial trades on clean notches as well.
  3. Priced to sell - $9000 takes it home.

  4. How many more dyno pulls or passes at the track until the block cracks?
  5. I posted a link to my photobucket site that has TONS of pics when I listed the ad.

    I know what you're saying about the fact that it's a stock block car, but this combination has been together since 2005 and has been down the strip about 10-15 times each year. It has only been on the dyno when it was getting tuned. I also drive it on the street quite a bit when it's nice out and I have yet to run into any issues. Some blocks appear to be better than others, but I've had real good luck with this one.

    I also dropped the price.

  6. Bump to the top for May.
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