Twin Turbo Build Progress -pics-

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  1. Ive been working on my TT/remote setup, and figured you guys might want to see how it ill post up pics of my progress as i go, and maby if i have any questions, or you like how it turns out this will be useful.

    So, Sit back, grab some popcorn and watch me spend my money, and my time.

    First of all, im still waiting on my turbos, so ive been concentraiting on my interior. Ive just installed my new black carpet, working on installing my new bullitt pedal set, and i got my new Jeg's seats today. Tonight i want to get the carpet done, seats in, and pedals in....but damn the pedals are givin me alot of trouble, they dont want to fit over the clutch/brake at all.


    Here is my Intercooler, in the box of j+u bends, and my seat(one of em)...the seats look really nice, and IMO are a GREAT buy, there comfy, they recline, and have levers to flip foreward.


    here is a pic of my rear armrest panel, that i started painting black, my interior used to be the black/tan mix.

    Lastly this is a pic of how my exhaust is set up now.Soon 2 turbos will be mounted there! BBK shorties/Summit h-pipe-Flowmaster cat-back is what i ahvve now. This setup is gonna be nice because i will still be able to bolt in my stock 4-cat h-pipe for emmissions testing.


    ill keep the updates coming daily

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  2. Weight the seats!! I want pics of the seats in there too! Keep em coming!
  3. Good stuff so far :nice:

    Are you gonna paint the bottom of the dash/door panels black too?
  4. Dayum this is one wicked project you got going there.

    My mom is renting a house in cape cod next week....maybe ill swing by just to check out your progress :lol:
  5. SWEET!! But you know you're gonna lose a LOT of power with your stock mid-pipe on there. It's gonna practically starve the turbos. Oh well, if it has to be done then so be it.
  6. :shrug:
  7. yea, he's got the o/r h going, the stock one's only for emissions

    props man, this has a lot of potential... i'm just wonderin where you landed all this doh
  8. That looks interesting. How much more pipe will it take to have a rear mount vs a regular one? Also how far away from the muffular (sp) do they mount?

    also what are your goals? Hp? Tq? weekend car?
  9. damn ... DP
  10. turbos goin where the muff's are? Do much driving in the winter, or got yourself a beater? The salt on the roads up there may be hell on those turbos. Not trying to rain on your parade....good luck man, should be cool!!!

  11. I think hes thought about rain, winter etc. I swear every thread he starts someone has to bring it up.. Its been beatin to death.

    Carpet looks great man.. I thought u said you werent using an intercooler?
  12. Yeah he's MORE than aware of what he's getting into by now :D

    Hey how does that carpet fit? I was wondering where to get a good one. It looks great.
  13. I read the original, rain/water seems to be dealt with, I was curious about the corrosion salt may inflict on the turbo housings/if thats even a problem, didn't see anything about that, hence the curiosity. As it appears, you think he thought about winter. Regardless, good luck
  14. Nice! Keep the pictures coming! :nice:
  15. Yup, i will be painting the whole interior black.

    As far as the turbos, I DO have a Bronco that i drive also, so snow's not really a huge problem, plus it aint gonna hurt anything anyhow..... the turbos love to get wet.....the snow gives cooler boost! lol

    Now, for the air guys are gonna really like this.....What i plan to do is use the side vents in front of the rear tires as the air intakes.
    Ok, hear me out. My turbos will be mounted right below where the rear seat plan is to pipe up through the floor, and 90 straight out to where the vents are.....there are allready holes cut behind the vents, i just gotta trima bit. I will probably get some of those "scoops" that mount over the side vents to give me more room for my air filters. Its gonna be badass.

    As a side note, i finally got my pedals in (damn what a hard time) and got my driver side black carpet in, which actually went in quite easily....My project now, is welding up brackets to mount my new seats....they dont just "bolt in" so this should be fun! anyhow, ill keep up the updates...
  16. ok guys i took some more pics

    Here is the Oil pump ill be using, and the pro-m Blow through maf(still in plastic)
    View attachment 507184
    View attachment 507186

    ok here is what i ment about the air intake. You can see where i will be coming up, in the floor area of the back seat, and where i plan on mounting my air filters, there is quite alot of room in there, and when i get the scoops for the outside there will be more

    View attachment 507188
    inside out
    View attachment 507190
    outside in ( with the scoop removed) I will plug up the vent that is in the rear of the hole, in front of the rear will just introduce dirt, water ect
    View attachment 507192
  17. I think I follow what you are saying for your intakes, but ... You are talking about using the part of that side vent that is on the body work right? Not the side that points into the inside of the wheel well.

    Are there air filters before air comes rushing into your turbos?
  18. there has to be....
  19. Your my hero. :hail2:

    Also, how much were the seats?


  20. :worship: