Twin Turbo Build Progress -pics-

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  1. whell, at this point, i dont think drag racing it would be the best idea, see it still has the stock t-5, rearend, and a king cobra clutch.

    The welder i have is a lincoln mig from home depot, it was about 500. All the welds were with gasless wire, so they dont look too great.

    Total cost was as follows
    2-T-3's $388 ( you could go JY style on yours for cheaper, but i wanted the specific A/R these had, from spooled motorsports)
    Scavenge oil pump: $200
    42lb inj's $250 ebay
    Blow through MAF $290 Ebay
    Piping,exhaust wrap $~250 summit
    Silicone couplers ~40.00 Ebay
    Intercooler $176.19 Ebay
    airfilters $40.00

    so if you add that up, roughly 1,600.
    Then add a bit more for Oil lines, vac lines, etc. But it really didemt break the bank, and that price includes the roughly $550 for the MAF and INj's. Its really cheaper than a blower in that respect, i mean, a new vortech is like 3g's or even a used one is ~2,000.....and you usually dont even get maf's and Inj'c for that.

    In my opinion, its a great project for the cost, seems to be capable of good power.

    Some small issues i have to IORN out are....the tire slightly rubs that intake tubing on the fender, and low ground clearance, but these are things i will be tweaking.

    I am charging the camera so i WILL get sounds badass and the turbos are SOOO loud due to them being only about 2 feet from the exhaust tips, and being mounted right under the car....when it boosts, it sounds like a 747 is taking off over your head lol.

    BTW i have my crane 2031 cam still in, and it idles just like it did stock, i mean it should, it isnt making boost, but it seems to complement the boost nicely, as its not a super agressive cam.

    i had a sheet, but i misplaced it, i will try and find it and scan it, but it make the 380 ftlbs or torque at 3.5-4.0 rpm and the max hp i dont remember....i think it was higher, anyway, its a BLAST to drive on the street, and when you boost, people double take, and point at the car lol.....its actually really funny....also as an added bonus the BOV is really loud and thats a plus.

    I still have the flame throwers wired up in there, but im afraid to use em cause i dont know what the turbine wheels would do....i bet nothing, its just a rich gas mixture when i hit the button, but ill try it sometime.

    Today i Built my skid plate, re-did my oil system so it dosent hang far down like in the pics i posted above, and i also removed the PCV valve and screwed in a 1/2" pipe fitting to the rubber grommit and im using that as the new oil dump, i added a breather to my oil cap also....boost was getting into my crankcase from the PCV valve and spraying oil.
  2. i see no pics above!?
  3. Look on page #3,4 and 6 for pics
  4. dude, find that sheet! i'm sure people will drive 100 miles to help you look for it ...
  5. doesn't oil ignite/burn....

    if the turbos are near the ignitor, i wouldn't try the flame throwers... no need to mess up the new system
  6. You don't need'd end up frying a cop in a few weeks when you get into your first high speed chase
  7. i say take it to the track i am still running the stock clutch and rear so it should hold your power ... just walk it out of the hole and stand on it ...
  8. whell, a few issues came up today. I had made a skid plate, and after driving it for a day, the plate is destroyed.....soo i have to raise the plate, and I think i have to get rid of my lowering springs, as its just too low, i have 2" drop springs with no isolators at all... and put some stock height ones in.....does anyone know if "drag" springs are around the same height as stock?

    Also, i have to tweak the piping over the fender as it rubs a bit...really no big deal, i expected some small issues, overall im happy.

    Like i said, i will be getting a new h-pipe and fully wraping it, so it should spool even quicker when im done!
  9. Sweet...sounds like things are good.... :nice:

    You still running stock head gaskets or you swap em out??
  10. Now, the real question.

    How much for you to do this to MY car. :p
  11. Look into bullit springs, good ride/handling, bullit guys seem to be able to get good 60's out of them with some uppers and lowers. Plus they lower the car 3/4-1in so you will still have alittle drop.

    kinda a mix of all the things, better looks, good handling and still good for track use....
  12. i have the stock head gaskets that were on the explorer they survived the 15-20psi boost run about 2 times when the wastegates dident open lol, there fine, im getting NO detetionation at all at 5psi, and im lovin it
  13. May want to look into a set of FRPP 5300-C springs as it lowers the front 1 inch and 7/8th out back. I think GEFracing has them for $110.
  14. How many miles on your t-5? Is it making any noise?

    If a 117K V-6 t-5 can stand up to my 418, then your t-5 should hold up just fine. Just don't launch hard and shift kinda easy, and you should be able to get in a couple runs. If I wasn't completely broke right now, I would get mine tuned and run it at least once this year.

    BTW, this is an awesome project and you did a helluva job with it! :hail2:
  15. thanks. Actually the t-5 isnt making any noise, and i had just rebuilt the synchros not long ago.

    Right now, the way i drive it will probably be fine at this power level, but if i were to UP the boost, im sure it wouldent like that much. I would bring it to the track, but it still needs an alignment as of now
  16. is the camera ready to take pics yet? ;)
  17. A little off topic but what does Mike Dez's charge for a EFI dyno tune/chip?
  18. it was about ~500 i think.

    I was going to do the tweecer or the PMS thing, but this turned out MUCH cheaper...he does a GREAT job, highly recomended.

    Also, i had to order up some FRPP C springs with new isolators because this thing is just too damn low, i mean right now i have 2" drop ebay springs with no isolators at all, so its about 2.5" lower than i gotta raise it up a bit before i can daily drive it. Sorry about the vids but i promise* there coming, i got the digital camera out to the garage now, so i have a start lol. I also have to fix my wastegate line that i somehow burned a hold in yesterday welding my skid plate on. Lol it made probably about 500 to the wheels in 3rd gear yesterday at 17~psi when i went to the store! that will get fixed tommorow, and yes hopefully i can get some then also!
  19. what kinda springs were you using before? are you gonna sell them?
  20. i made a vid today. can anyone Host it?