Twin Turbo Build Progress -pics-

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  1. I know nothing about hosting, but if its small enough (under 50mb) you can upload it here
  2. either one of those should work..get that thing posted 2 night weve been dyin 2 see it
  3. All those that said it would never work.....well, you know who you are and what you all can do. :D
  4. Things to Do:

    1. Learn to Weld
    2. This Project
    3. Crap myself daily to that sound of the BOV.
  5. #1 is already in my power. :D
    Now I just need the balls for #2 on my '04 GT with 23,000 miles
  6. Holy crap that's nice. Man if I only had time, money and a welder.
  7. wow amazing project that really came together :nice: I'd be interested to see what this set up is fully capable of.
  8. ah i don't think anybody will notice he has them under there that BOV is quiet :rolleyes:
  9. Congrats man, it sounds absolutely sick...... I would have the loudest bov i could get as well.........

    looks like it moves on pretty good.... I am glad it is making power, even though people said it wouldn't

    Can't wait for the track vid, or more street driving...... and maybe a little around the car footage.... showing how everything came together.....


  10. sweet vid ... find the dyno sheet yet?
  11. do you have pictures of the finished project?
  12. How mad would you be if he made it all up and just bought the super tailpipe BOV-sound impersonators.

  13. I think this tech thread has more pages/views then any other tech thread ever!

    Let's see some more pictures

  14. lol that would be funny
  15. ok guys, some more pics.

    Here is the completed system. You can see the Skid plate i made, its green!

    It looks low, but honestly i havent had it hit much at all, BUT i just ordered some new spring isolators and some FMC C springs. Right now it has 2" drop springs with no isolators at all!

    View attachment 502030

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    here are some random pics of my boost gauge(an oil pressure one is going into the bottom hole), some piping where the 2-1.5's meet the 1-2.5 piping, My BOV in the pass. fender pointing out the vent, and my flamethrowers lol. Plus my engine looks stock!

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  16. Sounds nice, I haven't seen a BOV like that before but then again I'm use to looking at Truck Trubos LOL.