Twin Turbo Build Progress -pics-

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by OrangeMustangGt, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. :omg: I am still speechless!!

  2. Jinx will be proud of you!!!
  3. Green- where did you buy your blow-through MAF? Are there any specific tuning issues with that type of meter on our cars?
  4. You must of hit the lottery to have done all of this!! I find it amazing you did all that! F'N Sweet! I would also like to see how creative you got with your sound system as well!! Awesome Car... Big Cahones!

  5. HA HA funny funny.
  6. just found this thread, sweet!!
  7. man I'd be worried about thoes oil hoses a bit more until the plate covered them better. Somethings in the road you dont see, pops up and pulls/cuts the line and there goes the turbo. Or is that picture just look like its not covered?

    Nice job on it, my motivations back and I allready have more parts ordered :lol:

  8. Not that expensive when u do it yourself. Leaps and bounds cheaper than just buying a pre-made kit. Takes a little longer but well worth it in the end IMO.
  9. Neon green... I love it.. talk about being inconspicuous... well I guess with that BOV sound people will know you are around...

    As for going to the track, I think you will be fine if you stay on street tires...
  10. I painted it green just for Jinx lol j/k

    I actually got that blow through maf from ebay, i think cool blue performance?
    its a Mass Air Systems(old pro-m), and they program it specifically for your car's setup, IE: Turbo, 42lb injectors, specific year, etc. That thing amazed me, i put the 42's in, and plugged that thing in, and it was actually really fact i drove the car about an hour on the highway to get to the tuner, i just dident boost. As far as the tuning, i had DEZ racing do it, but it only took him about 45 mins with the SCT! It drives great, just like stock....i have only good things to say about that MAF.

    also, the lines are pretty protected, but they dont hang down all that much at all. That skid plate is key, as ive bottomed it a few times, and it held up GOOD. that shouldent be a problem when i get my springs.
  11. I know you wanna be like me lol
  12. any chance well get 2 see some vids from outside the take offs etc....were all wantin 2 see how bad ass this thing is....thanks 4 havin the balls 2 try somthin different and makin everybody else envious :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  13. yeah, ill get em next week. I have to install my FMS c springs, my spring isolators and all my T-bolt clamps ( dont use worm drive, they losen up, i dident listen)
  14. I love the stock look of the engine bay! :hail2:
  15. i gotta ask, i was debating buying a low mileage gt and doing a twin turbo jus as this one. I wonder what 5 psi would do to a stock motor? And would it be more cost effective instead of dropping 1500 hundered in the heads and intake, why not just turn up the boost? Because it seems the power you can make is limited by a HP # not to the potential of the block. So i wonder if a stock motor could produce the same #'s as your motor on say like 8psi?

    Also the remote turbo i believe would allow the intake length long enough to cool the intake pipes down and have no need for an intercooler? Or atleast thats what some of the remote turbo setup from bigger companies claim.

    What if on the pipes their were aluminum fins to help dispurse the heat?
  16. 8lb of boost would probably be perfectly fine on a stock engine, as long as you had the supporting fuel system mods. The engine in the project car is a production engine, out of an Explorer, and look at how much boost it held up to on the dyno, when the wastegate didn't open. I'd love to do a system like this, too, but I can't afford it :( This car is :drool: though

  17. I dont think that was expected though. I think him, like JR, was blessed to have the motor stay together. It is not expected of production motors like these to take that much abuse.

    I would say 12 psi and under is good for a stock motor. If you want to go above that i would say to start planning on a rebuild of the shortblock to handle the power. And as always...the tune will make or break it!
  18. yeah, i totally agree. The head-gaskets are the ones that ford put on in 97' on the motor i have, but i just got lucky that my tune was nice and rich, so it dident blow, i certainlly would never run 15-20 psi regularly with my truck engine.

    And yeah, you could absolutly do this with a stock engine, i mean mine is basically stock, nothing crazy, and the same bottom end a 95' comes with. ALso, i did run an intercooler, but its a small one because i know about the cooling properties of the long piping. It must work tho, no detination AT used to ping like crazy before, but a tune has a large part to play in that.

    All in all, i would definatly reccomend a turbo system....soooo fun!
  19. I can't wait to get my turbo set-up. So much fun, I giggle like a school girl just thinking about it.
  20. you giggle like a school girl no matter what you fairy lol